Saturday, December 18, 2004

spiritual gift

People tend to categorize themselves in accordance to the gifts that they receive.

For example, if you’re just an acquaintance, like an ordinary office mate you get a card or any generic gift (like figurines, photo albums) or as I call it ‘regalong hindi pinag iisipan’.

If you’re a barkada, you get a semi-special gift, like shirts or as I call it ‘medyo personal, kasi medyo kilala’ but if you’re somebody special you get something that is big time or as I call it ‘expensive’.

Now here is the question. What is the best gift that you received?

For most people they would say ‘can’t answer you right now because a lot of my friends didn’t present their gifts yet’.

If I were to tell you that you already have the best gift, would you believe me?

Of course not. Because culturally when we say the best gift it has to be attributed to the giver, which in our case is should be the closest person to us because of some logical reasons like- you know the person, you have been together for quite some time, you have been with that person through thick and thin,etc.and I have to agree because if that is the idea then I would still point out that the greatest gift has already been given to us two thousand years ago.And that is our salvation.

Jesus Christ laid His life down for us so that we can enjoy this season. He had demonstrated the ultimate manifestation of love. His life.

When we open our gifts its good that we appreciate it, but it is even better not to forget that the greatest gift is already in our hands.

Most people nedd a physical reminder, but we must understand not because there is no physical representation of the gift it means its worthless, remember what antoinne st. exupery said ‘what is essential is invisible to the naked eyes’

Merry Christmas.

Grace Bible Church