Friday, December 17, 2004

the majesty of sterilized milk

having trouble sleeping?
then the solution is here, try a glass of sterilized milk (cold) and it will help you doze off...
The only different between the various types of white milk is the fat content, but still people categorize them as
1. Chocolate milk. Made from white milk, with added sugar and cocoa powder. Most brands of chocolate milk contain 1% fat. The amount of sugar in chocolate milk is the same as unsweetened orange juice.
2. Buttermilk. Has a tangy flavour and is usually 1% fat. A culture is added to give buttermilk its consistency and flavour.
3. Certified organic milk. Comes from cows (my favorite animal, second to dogs) that are fed organically grown crops.
4. Evaporated milk. Made by evaporating 60 per cent of the water from whole, 2% or skim milk. The high temperatures causes a browning reaction to occur giving this milk a slightly darker colour.
5. Filtered milk. Has the same nutrition content as regular milk. An additional filtration process takes place prior to pasteurization, which increases the shelf life
6. Fortified milk. Tastes creamier, which comes from adding milk components such as calcium, phosphorous, carbohydrate and protein to lower-fat milks.
7. Goats' milk. Is for the most part nutritionally comparable to cows' milk. However goats' milk may or may not contain added vitamin D, so check the label. Goats' milk is no better tolerated by those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies than cows' milk.
8. Lactose-reduced milk. Contains the same nutrients as regular milk. The difference is the milk sugar, called lactose, has been broken down so that it is easily tolerated by those people with lactose intolerance. It comes in 2% and skim varieties.
9. Powdered milk. Is made from partly evaporated milk which is heated and dried instantly. Once the package is opened it should be used within two months.
10. Sweetened condensed milk. Is made by condensing milk to one-third of its original volume and then adding sugar.
But my personal favorite, the one i drink every night is sterilized milk.
Sterilized milk is a milk that has been filtered, homogenized and thereafter heated to and maintained at a temperature of not less than 100°C for a length of time sufficient to render it commercially sterile and shall be packed in hermetically sealed containers. Sterilization destroys all germs. Date stamped plastic bottles and cartons have a shelf life of several months and can be kept at room temperature. After opening it should be stored in the refrigerator. It has a flavour like caramel.
By drinking milk everyday Intake of fluid milk has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of osteoporosis (i don't have this), hypertension and colon cancer.
Drinking milk may help to reduce the risk of kidney stones. A recent epidemiological study of more than 81,000 women with no history of kidney stones links intake of nonfat milk with decreased risk of colon cancer.
Milk intake may help to reduce the risk of tooth decay by acting as a substitute for saliva. In addition to providing moisture which helps clear cavity-promoting substances (e.g., simple sugars such as sucrose) from he oral cavity, milk buffers oral acids, reduces the solubility of tooth enamel, and helps to remineralize tooth enamel.
Consuming chocolate milk improves children’s nutrient intake. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence that chocolate milk, because of its sugar content, contributes to dental caries. On the contrary, because chocolate milk is liquid and cleared relatively quickly from the mouth, it may be less cariogenic than other sugar-containing foods (e.g., raisins, candy) that adhere to tooth surfaces. Also, several components in chocolate milk, such as cocoa, milk fat, calcium, and
phosphorus, may protect against dental caries. There is no scientific evidence that intake of
recommended servings of dairy foods such as milk contributes to overweight. Weight loss is
achieved by reducing total caloric intake and/or increasing physical activity.
For individuals concerned about reducing their body weight, milks (and other dairy foods) of different calorie content are available.

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