Friday, December 10, 2004

brain wave fusion

Here are some of the lists of the things that I have been contemplating about. Try to see if we agree on something or at least pretend that you are interested.

1.People want to be different. In the end I therefore sum up that we are all the same because we want to be different.

2.People spend money for the privilege of wearing other people’s name in their bodies. Commercialism in the post-modern context (mabuhay ang ukay!).

3.Individuals give opinion that are actually just statements designed to seek approval from other people. Then I strongly believe that we should stop labeling them as opinions.

4.When you are self-sufficient people think that you feel superior than others, then they will hate you.

5.Most people look at astrology as the great escape. It will never be your fault, it’s in the stars.

6.Wisdom that come from age is actually prudence (prudence means wisdom in the way of caution and provision; discretion; carefulness; hence, also, economy; frugality).

7.For women choose – Marilyn Monroe or Marie Curie?
I have to tell you survey says hands down, Marilyn Monroe.

8.People use the word ‘fall’ in association with the word ‘love’. Fall means dropping from a height, landing with a thud, acquiring swelling and bruises. Hmmm, scary if you would use the phrase ‘falling in love’, you might end up disfigured or dead.

9.People use the term ‘madly in love’, I strongly believe that it is better to be ‘sanely in love’.

10.If a person ‘wanted’ to fall in love, love may flare up instantly but if it is not meant to be it will die a slow, painful, excruciating death. Don’t tell me I did not warn you.

11. *Please do not use the term ‘madly in love’ because it is a self confessed insanity.

12.You can not make some one love you. You can not be sexy enough or white enough or cute enough. What will you do? You wait for the the guy meant for you. Wait. Wait. Wait.

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