Tuesday, November 02, 2004

pirates of carriedo and the legend of the black market

Why do people hate the fact that there are some (and that includes me) people who buy pirated CD's?

They truly believe on the support the anti-piracy movement (though I must admit I admire them).

You see, piracy is an offspring of technology. And just like every offspring there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good. It make life convenient, accessible, fast and blah, blah, blah...(you know the drill)

The bad. It is being used to pervert products like CD's or other artistic avenues like shirts, cap, pants and the rest.

The ugly. It strengthens the black market of pirated products. Which does not pay taxes. (well that is not surprising since a lot of multi-national companies result in coming up with their own foundation to avoid taxes)

Now, a lot of people believe that it is with us that we need to restrict ourselves from availing these products.

Actually, I have to agree, that is IF I have enough money to buy an original CD. Who does not want to own an original 'talon proof' CD. But I have to say that I can't afford it. With my salary, I cant even afford to buy an original CD on sale (and you know what kind of CD are being sold in a sale price).

Though I am a teacher I must admit that if people want to encourage the patronage of Original CD they have to lower their prices or upgrade the current salary of Filipino laborers.

I mean, they raid and confiscate pirated CD's when frankly that is not the answer in saturating this phase.

CD Writer will always be available. The 'pirates' may lose some money but they can still go back to their feet and do it again, burn CD's over and over and over again. You want a permanent solution. Lower the price of original CD (or again, adjust the salary bracket, which I believe is impossible).

Don't ask me how, figure IT out!

Our country as many have cited is a third world. Most of the people here cannot afford luxury and as long as the CD ranges from 300 to 450 it will fall into the bracket of luxurious living. Imagine comparing the price 300 versus 30. You don't even have to think. Then you would blow it with the concept of intellectual property, again, I agree with that but, entertainment need not to be owned, are you trying to tall me that only rich people can enjoy music? Are you telling me that MASA, PROLET and LUMPINS cannot enjoy the same blessing? Are you telling me that this has something to do with social discrimination?

Do not let what Mao Tse Tung's statement be true-
'Art is only available to those who can afford it' Because if the above statement is true, it would have a domino effect questioning the Philippines Democratic Stand.

The Philippines never seize to amaze me.

Grace Bible Church