Saturday, October 02, 2004

the beauty that was called marriage...

everybody is getting married.
excluding ME.
last Friday I was really surprised that two of my good friends picked me up after our church service. And of course it was a night of laughter, updates and surprises that…is…surprising, in all levels huh!
It all started with the news of dward having a very good ‘raket’. Good because he likes what he’s doing (gusto naman niya kahit ano na may kinalaman sa theatre) and he is being paid well.
after dinner, in front of my really delicious java kula, both of them announced that they are both engage to their gf’s and bf’s.
dotch is getting married on June while dward plans to propose this coming November…in fact he wants us to accompany him in buying the perfect ‘get down on your knees and ask’ ring.
Hayyy…then again the coming of age creeps in; I look at the matter in two perspective-
first, I am happy that the people I love are all settling down with the one’s they love. I mean a lot of people whom I know is struggling and battling the quest for the ‘perfect one’, I feel so blessed that people who are close to me need not to do that.
searching for some one ‘you’ think is perfect for you is really hard. personally, i don’t like the idea of exploring the ‘dating jungle’, which brings me to my second insight.
do you think that I would grow old to be a ‘spinster’? As in, my friend’s sons and daughters would call me ‘great old aunt jeanie’. Where in half of my days then would involve crochet and baking cookies (raisins or oatmeal) and when ever my friends would go out of town they would leave their sons and daughters with me.
i am old and while my friends are starting to build their respective families I watch in awe. truth, i am happy that this happened now that i am single, because truly i feel happy for them. Genuine. True. Pure.
though i feel alarmed that most of my friends are settling down, i hold on to
God’s promises. and though i falter, getting back on my knees is easy. i just
came into a realization that ‘marriage’ is something that is-
Majestic. Over Whelming. Life Turning. Holy. Delicate.
i admire my friends for the conviction and motives that they have upon making
this decision.
and for this reason i am truly looking forward in having my own wedding. in god's time, way and His sole GO signal.

Grace Bible Church