Tuesday, September 21, 2004

lawful calling

This has long been overdue.

I really wanted to write a piece about my last birthday (September 17).

But the thing is I am really exhausted because of the entire event that had happened during the same week.

Tonight I came to realize that I need to share the wonderful experience that I had last Friday.

Two of my classes bought me cakes and ice creams (but of course I ate it with them, where’s the joy of eating if your not going to share it with meaningful individuals). The beauty of the experience is not from the cakes or the ice cream but the very fact that amidst the financial hardships that these students encountered (for the fourth year, the gut wrenching thesis and for the third year, the heart breaking TVC) they manage to give me a party. I can’t even throw a party for myself considering that I am working, earning a regular salary and I couldn’t even afford a cake roll.

It is very difficult for me to verbalize the things that I felt because I am not a graphic individual and I am not that ‘emotional’ but one thing that I am sure of is that I felt so ‘important’.

Fact I don’t usually feel that way. I was brought up with the philosophy that you do what needs to be done and that’s it. Don’t wait for compliments. Don’t look for thank yous. Just finish what needs to be accomplished. I am not saying that everybody should take pity on me. That’s not the point.

When I first taught, I preconditioned myself that this is a thankless job. Last. September 17 I prove everybody wrong. Teaching is not a thankless job.

Teaching is a profession that reaffirms one’s self worth.
Teaching is a career that only provides a one-way ticket; you can go forward but never backwards.
Teaching is what I live for.

Even if most people would say that what I am doing is 100 percent stupidity, I would still say…

Amidst the tiring days of checking, the sleepless nights of editing and the exhausting hours of understanding my students, once in a while you get a pay off so big you can’t even handle it.

To all those students who believes in me…ALL THE GLORY BACK TO GOD.

pati: napakasarap nung ice cream at cake, tsaka napaka gaganda ng ,ga gifts.

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