Monday, September 13, 2004

fault finding committee

I don’t want to be melodramatic in writing this piece because that is not my style. But I cannot help it. To my sincerest recall I believe that I am destined to be a teacher. I was born to be a teacher. And that the sole purpose of my existence is to be a teacher (aside from being a daughter of God).

I was taken aback by an episode from my students. They did not pass their requirements on time and they hated me. Sounds really shallow. Not yet. When they approached me they did not even had the humility to say sorry instead they asked me the assaulting question ‘mam tatanggapin nyo pa ba yung soft copy namin?’. No sorry. No apologies. No nothing.

Let’s just assume that they just don’t feel like they should be sorry. But to make a scene in a laboratory where there are two simultaneous classes undergoing is a temper alkaline. But I feel so blessed that I did not say or do something that would destroy my composure.

Now this is what is making it painful. Those people have been my students for three consecutive semesters. Six different subjects. After the event it was so easy for them to tell lies about me, curse me, say horrible things about me and the worst part is to tell our dean a different story so that they could gain her sympathy.

I am so blessed because right after the defense, our dean approached me and asked if it is true. My dear friend Mabel was still in the room and had helped me disprove all their claims. I felt a sudden inner peace because I believe that this is a lesson that must be learned by those students.

If they think that they can just go away and destroy me by saying foul stuffs, it’s okay. They can do it with all their might. I am not here on earth to please man or my students. I am here to please God alone. Solely.

Those who exalts themselves will be humbled and those who humbled themselves will be exalted.

Grace Bible Church