Thursday, August 05, 2004


I was inspired by meg's webby (you can visit her site at ( she listed things that people don't know about her...I concluded that I wanted to do the same, I have been posting opinions and my stands regarding some issues but I never get to introduce myself...intimately so here it goes-
1. I love dogs
2. I love coffee
3. I have 12 pairs of sneakers
4. I love French fries
5. I hate waiting
6. I love floats (coke float specially)
7. 3/4's of my wardrobe are all in black
8. I love movies
9. I am a sucker for socks…
10. I love old school punk
11. I have a crush on al pacino, chris carrabba and adrien brody
12. I hate heavy rains
13. I hate getting my feet wet
14. I only laugh at witty jokes
15. I hate green/malicious jokes
16. I love my students
17. I love my job
18. I get agitated when people stare at me
19. I always check my breath
20. I am fond of flossing
21. I like to discuss world issues
22. I am NOT talkative
23. I read a lot of articles but not much of books
24. I hate channel 2
25. I love Saturdays
26. I watch Hey Arnold every night (kahit replay)
27. I am a volleyball varsity
28. I know how to skate (skateboard)
29. I love jeans
30. I love earrings and bracelets

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