Friday, July 02, 2004

Christ is not an Option

one thing that i cannot fully grasp about some people around me is the fact that they can easily assign 'brackets' to things, places,even individuals. they tend to 'label'
everything. they assign status to almost anything. read on for examples-

1. if you do some 'dirty' sign using your middle finger, you're cool.

2. if you use 'scandalous' shirts (with labels such as 'pornstar in training' or b*tch in the making) you're a rockstar!

3. if you wear converse sneakers and look angry or at least look somewhere along the line of confuse/sober you are soooo in.

4. if you can provide an 'orphan comment' from marx, chairman mao, engels or other 'mortal'intellectuals you are above average.

but, if you start to talk about God, people would feel nauseas, as if what you are talking about is contagious and they would have the following reactions-

*note these are all true stories most of the time i get reactions like these when i
evangelize some of my students or invite them to our weekday cell meet-’m una na po kami… (saan kayo pupunta?)
2.sabunin mo man ako di ako mag-papalit ng religion (bakit?!!!)
3.di pa ako ready…(saan?)
4.mam may gagawin pa po ako eh…(ano? tatatanga o mag se-self pity?)
5.mam sayang di ako pwede…(sayang talaga!)
6.mam di po ako pinayagan…(na ano?)
7.mam sorry di po ako makaka-attend…(di ka dapat sa akin nag so-sorry)
8.mam pagod po ako…(buti na lang di napapagod si God!)
9.mam hindi ko po ‘trip’ yan eh (what will you do if God would say to your face (na alam naman nating di mangyayari because he is a loving God) na di ka niya ‘trip’ pare)

my personal favorite*

mam atheist ako…di ako naniniwala na my God…(talaga? if people like you don’t believe in him bakit kailangan nyong i-proclaim?, if truly you don’t believe in Him you should’nt even mention his name for relatively he should not exist in your world!)

you see, even if we deny his presence a thousand times we need God. But what I don’t understand is why most people ‘contact’ him when it is convenient for them, making him an option in their lives. When things go wrong in our lives we ‘always’ call him, not to ask for help but to blame him for everything. we tell him (if not declare) that he is unfair, that we don’t deserve this, that we are to good for incidents like these. these things can be avoided.

why choose to live a journey that you will traverse ‘alone’ when you can have an opportunity to ‘travel with Him’.

what happened to me when i became a christian is unforgettable-

1.i lost my friends.
2.according to some i lost my ‘thrill’
3.i became a ‘square’ (boring)
4.i became annoying for i always talk about God (because they believe that there better things to do other than knowing God)
5.i have problems with my personality for i lack compassion on what they do (such as pre-marital sex, drinking, smoking, drugs, etc) which is true.
6.i attended church
7.i read the bible (which they really find ‘corny’ if i may quote a friend of mine ‘wala na bang ibang pwedeng basahin?”)
8.i pray on public areas (specially when saying grace before eating a meal)
9.i make them feel like they are bad (that was unintentional)
10.i give poor advice (because my advice would always concern God’s will)

the funny thing is that even if i felt bad about those things, i have no regrets of accepting Christ as my personal Lord and Savior because i know i am not missing out on worldly things.

that even if mankind would deny me their company and their union i will not falter for Christ will never be an option for me.

Grace Bible Church