Wednesday, September 08, 2004

interesting enough...

Last Cigarette: 100% non-smoker

Last Alcoholic Drink: Can't remember...

Last Car Ride: last saturday with monica and aina

Last Kiss: with my sis early morning today

Last Good Cry: when i was faced with a very interesing philo of 'walking the talking'(a few weeks ago)

Last Library Book: Women in the Society (for my MA thesis)

Last book bought: good news bible (for my cell mates)

Last Book Read: Book of Acts

Last Movie Seen in Theatres:dawn of the dead by george romero (like it!)

Last Movie Rented: can't remember

Last Beverage Drank: COFFEE

Last Food Consumed: chickenjoy with sotanghon soup (go for gmo's)

Last Crush: chris carrabba

Last Phone Call: chuck

Last TV Show Watched: Spongebob Squarepants

Last Time Showered: just now...before going to bed

Last Shoes Worn: brown old closed shoes

Last CD Played: switchfoot, the beautiful let dowm

Last Item Bought: blouse, ukay ukay (come on!)

Last Download: united live song

Last Annoyance: fact that i have hives

Last Disappointment: my friend does not want to see me to conduct 1 to 1

Last Soda Drank: Coke

Last Thing Written: obvious ba, ito...

Last Key Used: Media Center

Last Words Spoken: God Bless

Last Sleep: Not getting any decent sleep because of my stress (re:my class'

forthcoming defense)

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Chocolate

Last Chair Sat In: in front of the editing pc in adu

Last Webpage Visited:

Grace Bible Church