Sunday, August 22, 2004

the seed has been planted

I don’t understand. Why people give God a chance only if there will be devastating, life turning events that they could not manipulate. You see, most people ‘take care’ of their business as though they are the ‘master of their fate and the captain of their souls’. That you know for a fact is a lie.

How could you be the master of your fate if everything is predestined. For some people this is bad news. For me it is something remarkable. Why do you have to worry, fear and dread life that you fail to see its beauty. You are too busy looking for that special someone, fulfilling your life’s goal, envisioning your accomplishments and pleasing people. What for?

Looking for someone special. Why? Do you not trust God that he will give you somebody ‘perfect’ for you? Do you not believe the fact that there is somebody for you? That God is NOT busy writing your love story.

Fulfilling your life’s goal. So that? What? That is YOUR life’s goal. Did you ever ask God if it is His goal for you? Believe me God will not give you something you will NOT like. He is your creator. He knows you like the back of his hand. He will give you things you can’t even imagine. And all you have to do is believe.

Envisioning your accomplishment. How do you define accomplishments in the first place? How can you envision something with out even understanding its full context? Why make life so complex? You are so wrapped with yourself (again, for the nth time) that you can no longer appreciate the miracles and wonders that God has been serving you in the platter.

Pleasing People. Now this is scary. You will not please everybody. And even if you try, you will end up exhausted for you only need to please one. Just one. Jesus Christ. This makes life less complex, direction oriented and most of all very interesting to execute.

Captain of your own soul is a very WEIRD thought. What about hell? You can't save your self from hell, much more to CAPTAIN the priceless part of your being.

Grace Bible Church