Sunday, August 22, 2004

intimacy again...

1.My favorite book from the bible is Luke.
2.My mother calls me Jing
3.I sleep at the right side of the bed
4.I can prepare myself and go to work in 30 minutes
5.I love LRT 2
6.I love to shop with my sister
7.My sister and I always laugh at grammatically challenged individuals
8.We also laugh at sexbomb dancers (we are not mean)
9.I hate FHM (trivia: they have the biggest circulation in manila)
10.I don’t have a cell phone
11.I walk fast
12.My sister and I bond over the internet quizzes
13.I wanted to look like Natalie Portman, Rachel Leigh Cook, Jodie Foster or Anne Hathaway (I said I wanted, I did not say I look like…)
14.I love listening
15.I love long walks
16.Between Baguio and a beach…beach
17.Presently, I only have 4 pairs of denim pants
18.When I was in college I don’t have a long pants, I got to school wearing short pants
19.I love seminars (weird!)
20.I love laughing

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