Tuesday, September 21, 2004

cd, disc man and a hamburger shaped disc organizer

This cd was given to me by my sister as her gift for my 26th birthday together with a disc man and a hamburger shaped disc organizer. The cd was from a band ‘something corporate’ and the album title was Leaving Through the Window. I was so taken aback by the music that I read articles about the group. I am 26 and the songs from the album was meant for a younger audience but the funny thing is it takes me back to a road called memory lane, way, way back when I was in college. For some reason it had given me a nostalgic effect.

The band involves five young high-school buds from California whose trademarks include spazzy (is there such a term?) hair and flip-flops? More than you would most likely expect. Something Corporate is one of those bands that when you are asked to describe them in only a few words, then you are at a loss.

However, putting Something Corporate in a specific category is near impossible. For starters, the record label. Drive-Thru Records (which I have known because of my good friend chuck) is popular among the younger "scene" making un-known punk bands known. Besides the softer, not so punk tunes, Something Corporate provides compared to other Drive-Thru bands, one other thing sets them apart. The main instrument of the band. A piano. Definitely not something you see everyday at a punk concert. I can only imagine the expression on the audience faces when they roll out a piano onto the stage.

So, what are they really? Punk? Rock? Emo? Pop? Who knows, but more importantly, who cares? This is good stuff. With catchy lyrics and absolutely amazing vocals, "Leaving Through the Window" has tons of punch. Especially if you can get past thumbing through the disc cover, fawning over these California boys. You might as well plan to put this one on repeat in your stereo (I do!).

We all experience the nightmare of bringing home an album because you heard one song. you thought they were cool. and decided to check them out. Oh, but heaven forbid they put more than one halfway decent song on the whole thing! In this case, no need to worry. Every single song, from the upbeat jams to the melancholy harmony of the piano, is worth listening to.

*Thank you to ear medicine

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