Saturday, October 02, 2004

an open letter for glenda verdadero…

I was touched when one of my student’s gave me a letter for my birthday. And obviously her name is Glenda Verdadero. I am not making this post because she is special to me, actually it is the opposite, we are not that close. So when I received the letter I was surprised but never the less I decided to answer the letter through my website so that the rest of the world would be a witness to the happiness she had given me.
Glenda, like what she said is simple, quiet and not that ‘bibo’ in my class and what really struck me is that she regrets the fact that she is not that ‘bibo'in my classes, Gleng, one thing that everybody should remember: all of us are fearfully and wonderfully made . In fact you inspired me to create this post. You triggered my brain to announce to everybody what I truly feel about everything that you have presented in that letter. And true you are not ‘bibo’ in my classes because like the rest of my students you are ‘great’ . You in fact motivated me to write this post specially dedicated for students like you-
For my students who believed that they are 'not special’ I strongly disagree! God made you special. You are designed and conceived by the best artist.
For my students who think that they are just ‘average’ again I battle that thought with all my might, God NEVER made you AVERAGE! When God looks at you He sees an individual that is capable of EVERYTHING. Just like Peter. Peter was a fisherman. But God never saw him as a fisherman, God saw Peter as the ‘fisher of man’.
For my students who believes that they ONLY need to finish college for the diploma. That is a crap that needs to trashed. I can give you a diploma, how many it is that you need? You pay good money, you get what is rightfully yours. And that is knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge.
For my students who think that there are other students better than them. Lies. God had given you so much that to even begin comparing yourselves to others is irrational! Do not even begin to compare yourselves with people you don’t have anything in common with. Or just to make life less complex DO NOT COMPARE yourselves with others.
For my students who thinks that they are not good enough to rub elbows with me…mukha nyo!
Gleng, your letter really touched my heart and I am honored to receive it. In fact I let my father and mother read it, and I told them that if they are asking for a confirmation if they have raised a good and god fearing daughter perhaps your letter would give them an answer.
I would forever treasure it, show it to my soon to be family and use it to lift my mood whenever I feel bad about myself. Placebo.
Thank you Gleng.
And just like any blessings that I have received all the Glory back to God, for He had given me the faith, courage and the ability to see through all the trials.

Grace Bible Church