Monday, November 01, 2004

relationship wagon

A friend of mine ask me how would she know if a guy likes her. She has been receiving text messages and e-mails from a guy whom she met through a friend.

I asked her back ‘is this one of your priorities?’ my gut feel is that she will not answer back because she really likes the guy. And just as expected she didn’t answer back.

My stand on this matter is simple.
‘if a guy can’t back you up with marriage what is the point of having a relationship?’

I remember a guy friend of mine who has the battle cry of ‘collect and collect and then select’, the same guy who said that ‘there is a need to have a lot of relationship to choose the perfect person to settle with when you grow old’.

That is hard.

Imagine, you, screening on your own, the perfect person to complete you.

You practically have to rummage all over earth earth just to search for that perfect person. It would be a bad case of hit or miss. And the awful part is that you and another person would be hurt in the process. The hurt that you will experience will be retained in your memory, making the successive relationships less of an experience. Try to count how many of our friends gets paranoid every time they would be put in a situation that would remind them of one hurtful event in their ‘quest for relationship’. Notice how they would always say that ‘this guy is different’ and try to count how many times have they saw themselves married into a guy and then quickly erase it (now don’t even try to deny it, women do that at least once, imagine themselves with their current bf's, married).

I, on the other hand believe that there is somebody who would do that for me.

Somebody who would sort out guys for me.

Somebody who would match me with the perfect guy.

And his name is God.

My friend asked ‘what if the guy is the one destined for her?’

I was pissed off and so I answered her back with questions that are pure and simple. This may also be beneficial to those girls who just plunge in from one relationship to another-

1.are you still studying? you plan to work and help your parents after studying?

3.are you exerting an effort like giving meaning to text and e-mails?

If all your answer is ‘yes’ then it is not yet time.

God will not give you a guy if you’re not yet ready.

God will not give you a guy if there are tasks that needs to be done for you to grow in all aspects of your life.

If a guy passed by and you feel you like him don’t jump into the relationship wagon. If you think and feel that he is the guy let God reveal it to you. Isn’t it much simpler not worrying if the guy is the guy…or if he is the one…or if he might slipped by…for heavens sake

God will not allow that to happen…he’s timing is perfect.

God will take care of your ‘love life’ in His own way and time.

And believe me god’s way is the best.

Funny, I asked this friends of mine if the guy is starting to be a distraction to her and if the guy is a temptation already. She said yes on both question.

But I believe she is not doing anything.

I pray that she would realize that she doesn’t need to think or lift a finger if the guy is truly for her.

Jumping from one relationship to another is not only hard because of the constant adjustment that a girl has to undergo since she has to adapt to the new attitude of the guy but also it fills up her memory bank of relationship gone bad, one reason why a lot of girls are bitter and feels like they need to be fulfilled by another person …every time you split up you need to close a book, and when the right guy comes along you would say ‘I wish that he was my first kiss, first holding hand…first everything’.

Believe that god has somebody for you.

And he is great.

Grace Bible Church