Monday, November 01, 2004


Last Friday upon going home, my friend and I were shocked with the sight that we saw.

Battalions of teenagers.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black and really, really excited.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black and really, really excited going to October fest.

What is with October fest? As if this is a mandated holiday for teenagers.
I mean why do you have to dress up, go to megamall just so you can get drunk and puke your internal organs out.
Truth of the matter, I don’t get it.
Why is there a need to get drunk?
Why is there a need to be rebellious?
Why even bother to get rebellious when you can go to megamall and get drunk in the car park slash mosh pit?
Why is there a need to support vices promoted by the Philippines number one capitalist?

Imagine the pathetic fact that you as a teenager getting excited in supporting the number one reason why the cost of living in our country is on its rocketing high. Ypu support the primary reason why your parents constantly worry where to get the money to support your daily needs. Worst you support the fact that we will always be a third world country.
If that is one form of rebellion, i must have been born in wrong century.

How do I relate that?
The corporation that spearheaded October fest is the same corporation that practically owns all of the businesses that needs to be bought because it is a commodity. Food and Drinks in particular. Is that not enough that we have to go an extra mile in supporting and endorsing an addiction?

When you get hooked in drinking, even if it is not October you are going to buy beer, now tell me…you will be shelling out money…you will be forever somebody who would buy beer to satisfy your limitless hunger. I already feel bad that in every celebration in our culture may it be christening, Christmas, New Year, birthdays or even a simple bonding activity like swimming or hiking, beer is always present and it is not for the sole purpose of social drinking but for getting head drunk!

At your age you celebrate beer. Worst upon celebrating beer you loose your brain. You forget the fact that beer/alcohol is a commodity, you get to buy it.When you could use your money in a more productive way.

Ever wonder why most patrons of October fest are teeners, because you can’t afford to drink beer yet. And why can’t you afford? Because you are not suppose to drink yet! Some say they are there because of the bands and eventually since alcohol is ccesible they get to drink, plus it cost really less.

Hello! that is exactly the idea. It will be less so when you get hooked on the experience your get to buy no matter what the price is...and regarding the bands...i hate them. They tolerate. Therefore the society will never change.

I don’t understand this scheme. I was shocked by the sight of teenagers drinking their hearts out, not because I don’t drink. Not because I can’t relate. But because I truly believe that there are better ways to celebrate life.

A celebration that does not include nausea, puking or worst a fight or pms.

A celebration that will not be bad to your health, bad to the society (imagine the chaos in EDSA that night!) and most of all bad to the Philippine Economy.
If this continue then the segmentation of the Philippine Social Strata would remain the same. Triangular.
I believe that teenagers are not shallow. But I can’t find a way to prove it.
Specially when I witnessed octoberfest or shall i say octoberpest!

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