Sunday, December 05, 2004

problems, schmroblems

We look at problems as a thing that holds us back.
As an event that makes us weak.
As something that would manifest how bad we can be.

I disagree.

Recently, I have been bombarded with tons and tons of problems, and if there is something that I have realized in dealing with those trials is that-

1.problems makes you strong. True. You have heard this before, but what I want to emphasize on is the idea that ‘strength is NOT measured by how you stood up or how you voice out your beliefs’. From what I understood ‘strength is best demonstrated through obedience’. Obeying is a very rare character for an individual, it is very natural for a person to be rebellious specially if things would not go his way, but being obedient is a VIRTUE.How hard is it to just stand there follow god’s will while you are being bombarded with problems, problems that you feel you do not deserve? How hard is it to just be still when you know that you have every opportunity to manipulate things in your favor? And worst how hard is it to follow orders from the ‘boss’, orders that you think will not work for you? Those scenario makes you strong.

2.problems makes you happy. I am not insane. It is true. Try to grasp this. If God gives you problems, this mean that he cares for you because he is testing you in every way he can. He gives you challenges to improve your being. your attitude. your wholeness. In fact, don’t you find it liberating every time there are problems that will be solved in His name. Doesn't that make you appreciate the state when you DON'T have a problem? Does that not make you happy?

3.problems are ways to allow God to move in our lives. The biggest solution that one can provide in solving his problem is surrender. How hard is it for an individual to say ‘Lord, go ahead…your will be done’…pretty hard huh? But we must realize that God wants us to stop and enjoy life, sometimes we are so caught up with what we want that we forget what life is all about and worst we forget Him. So he needs to shake us every now and then so that we’d be reminded.

4.problems are one of the best way to test our faith. of course, the best avenue to test our faith in God is through problems, sometimes I admire the faith demonstrated by people, if only they know where to place it, our faith should not be placed on people, events or things. Worst your faith should NOT be ‘faith in faith’ it should be ‘faith in God’. I encounter people that would say ‘hindi kaya

natin ito’…it would be better if it would be ‘hindi kaya natin ito…if it is god’s will’

5.problems brings wisdom. everybody desires to be wisdom-full (just like Yoda). to have The ability to comprehend and analyze complex problems. but remember that God gave you wisdom out of training, through the problems you have encountered so that you would be a blessing to other people. Do not deprive them of that, make use of God’s gift. Palagay nyo paanong naging matalino si yoda? through reading? come on! you have seen Yoda fight!

The bottom line is let us enjoy the problems we have. I know that would be hard but keep this in mind, you will get something beneficial from it.

And for my fellow Christians we can look at it in two perspective, first if it is from God, he wants us to be better in all areas, and how good is it to realize that we are having this battle side by side with God, if it is from the enemy I believe it is a signal that we perform god’s task efficiently because we are becoming a threat to the dark side (naks!).

Let me leave you with this scripture-

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you
know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its
work so that you maybe mature and complete, not lacking anything.
james 1:2-4

Grace Bible Church