Friday, December 10, 2004

what to expect when you’re expecting (not for pregnant women)

Hayyy! Again what is with women and relationship? Why do I have a burden in explaining to women that there is a NEED to wait for that special person, that the supposed significant other is God Sent. So, I came up with several ‘expectation silhouette’ for women who at least understands the virtue of waiting.

1.expect that it would take time for the guy to arrive. Why? Because if he would be special he has to be prepared, and I mean prepared, in all areas physical, emotional and spiritual. Preparation takes time (according to the dictionary prepared means Made fit or suitable). Preparation is synonymous with foundation, groundwork, grounding and training. What is the common denominator of these words? TIME.

2.expect that the guy would not be signed, sealed and delivered in your doorsteps if you fall in any of the following status-
b.if you are a draper (meaning you value his point of view over yours, to the point that you end up being ‘his dummy’)
c.if you don’t have you’re identity yet
d.if you haven’t fulfilled your purpose yet (this means you have to know your purpose!)
e.if God did not gave you his GO signal (believe me if you are in synchronicity with God you would know!)

3.expect that the guy would come in a perfect timing. Why you ask, because God wants you to appreciate him fully.

4.expect that the guy is everything that you would ask for. God will not give you somebody that you wouldn’t love. He is your creator he knows what you want.

5.expect that the guy would respect you and value your opinion as an individual . How could he respect and value your individual opinion if you don’t have any? This means that you need to be an individual first!

6.expect that the guy would be somebody whom your parents would approve. Because he would value not only you but as well as the people whom you love.

7.expect that the guy would complement your attitude, point of view and goals. If he is God sent the room for adjustment would be not that hard, because the timing is perfect. Are you not tired of adjusting on the mood of the guy and practically disowning your disposition?

8.expect that the guy to contribute on your growth. In all areas.

Waiting is hard. But let me post you this question, between waiting and being a volunteer of failed relationships, which is harder?

I do not impose these things because I am afraid of being hurt, it is just that I have so much faith in God that I would entrust him my future. Faith is believing even if you don’t see it. Faith is not faith until it is the only thing you are holding on to.

Do not be mislead by falling inlove with romance. Romance was defined as a dreamy, imaginative habit of mind; a disposition to ignore what is real, now tell me do you want to be associated with that kind of term? A lot of women today do not even experience love and yet would go on as far as having a relationship...why? they just like the facade. they just enjoy the superficial feeling of being 'special'. What happens if reality checks in?

Grace Bible Church