Monday, December 13, 2004

hysterical blindness

Hysterical Blindness. An inherited genetic trait, common among individuals of French descent, that leads to hysteria and blindness when confronted with imminent threats, like oncoming trucks. For inbred populations such as the French, this has resulted in collective hysterical blindness to invading Roman legions, marauding English knights, evil Nazis, Balkan and Iraqi despots, and American TV.
the same reaason why i cried-a-bucket last night (nope i don't have an episode of hysterical blindenss) i have seen the film, the movie was shown in hbo and it stars uma thurman, gena rowlands and julliete lewis. the film ws directed by mira nair, the same lady who directed my another favorite film 'monsoon wedding'.
in the film uma (debby) was afflicted by the HB twice, she is, at all times, metaphorically blind to her own need to be loved. the movie was an emotional powerhouse from Mira Nair that ended up to be somewhat unpleasantly potent and forceful, specially for female viewers. i was so moved when the two charcaters (thurman and lewis) constantly demean themselves in their efforts to find meaningful relationships--or at least to find someone who will turn up for dinner when invited.
the backdrop was set in a bar where they scout for love, and the emotiin being projected by the bar seems to be the unlikeliest place to find men who cares. Most men are occupied at the pool table and their romantic desires seem to have been washed out in the harsh white glare of the overhead lights.
*counter check with philippine reality, no wonder a lot of people whom i know would have cheap thrill realtionships that ends immediately, specially if the other party was somebody whom they met in a bar.

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