Monday, October 31, 2005

internal values should manifest in action

Most people would label as somebody who is under the category of ‘manang’. I really don’t mind.


I am proud to be a ‘manang’.

Even my sister would label me the same.

I don’t wear anything that is provocative.

I don’t go for the typical ‘aggressive’ behavioral pattern of women.
In fact I disapprove of it.

And most of all I don’t march around pretending to be somebody I am not.

What for?

So that guys would find me interesting?


What do I mean?

Most girls in this generation tend to look at themselves in a ‘noninterventionist
yet so disapproving’ manner.

Allow me to elaborate.

I have been really aching for the longest time re: my students who can’t live without
‘boys’ on the side.

Girls who jumps from one relationship to another.

Girls who tries so hard to be different every single day so that they can stand out
and get noticed.

Standing out is good but the questionable part is the motive.

In fact I have witnessed a couple of heartbreaks.

Tons of disappointments.

Oodles of wasted friendship.

And the more I tell them to ‘wait for the one God is sending you’, the more impatient they become.
Sad to say that girls in this generation badly needed a security check.

Meaning they need boys to feel accepted.

They have this hallucination that they cannot be happy if there is no guy beside them to
assure them that they are beautiful, attractive and most of all to tell them that they
are not alone, that they have somebody who would take care of them.

Some one who would love them.
And so they think.

News Flash.

Its just one superficial affair.

Most girls today do not honor the meaning of

They just feel that everything should happen NOW.

Please take note of the younger age bracket, in terms of attitude, clothing, accessorizing, as though they wanted to grow old as fast as they can.

Waiting is good.
Waiting is good.
Waiting is good.

Internal values should manifest in outward actions.

If you feel/think that you are worthy of one good and lasting relationship,
STOP rushing.

Your values reflect through your exploits.

Haven’t you ever thought that most guys do not take you seriously is because you have
been taking for granted your value? your worth?

Start to accept the ‘waiting’ principle.

If you want a guy who will not make you cry, I think he is worth waiting for.

'Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness'
Matthew 6:33.

Grace Bible Church