Monday, October 24, 2005

tsk, tsk, tsk

Many women in this generation are lonely.

Seemed to be a too judgmental statement?


This is how my universe seemed to come into view.

Most women in this generation would fit the description
‘boy crazy’.

Define boy crazy?

a. The state where a woman would always look at a guy (and I mean any guy) as a prospect for a relationship (romantic).

b. The condition where a woman cannot distinguish the difference between love and romance.

c. The position where words like flirting, physical contact and belongingness seems to have a meaning that is closely related to each other.

I am no intellectual giant but what I think is that most women today compensates their loneliness through a one-dimensional relationship with good for nothing men.

All for belongingness.

But what these women do not cotton on is that belongingness eases with association that are formed depending on the items to be associated.

Meaning the concept of belongingness has a root of your choice. You want belongingness from those you consider to be subjectively important.

A perfect instance is classical conditioning in which some conditioned stimulus-unconditioned stimulus combinations are more effective than others.

So what do I mean?

Loneliness is a state.

A state of your choice.

It means you can get out of it.

It means you can get out of it by choice.

It means you can get out of it if you want to.

How can you be lonely when you have’nt experience AGAPE? Yet...

Maybe you have been listening to much of stephen bishop.

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