Sunday, October 23, 2005

meat anyone?

Today I have discovered one thing.
I have stumbled a scary, daunting and dreadful truth.
There are women in this country who wear belly shirts.

For some people this is not shocking, because primarily I did not clarify the area where the words
scary, daunting and dreadful apply.

Most women who wears this, this…clothing (if we can classify it as one) are those with
bulging, stuffed and distended tummy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to practically make fun of these people, but I want to point out five major arguments (allow me to call it an argument since I define the word ‘argument’ as a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true). Allow me to begin-

1. Why do women where clothing that are at some point ‘too small’ for them.
The blouses seemed to be converting into their second skin?
I can clearly understand that they might have the goal of slowly cutting their blood circulation, but what confuses me is the idea that you can only do this to ‘a part’ and NOT your entire body.
2. Who invented/designed ‘belly shirts’?
I think one should apply for a license to be able to wear one or perhaps even a screening unto who should wear them?
Actually, why not just consider belly shirts illegal? What’s the point of wearing a shirt if your navel is showing?
I mean the last time I checked shirts are supposedly comfortable, if belly shirts are an innovation of T-shirts…
I must say that the original would always be the best.
3. What’s with the ‘haltered tops ala bra strap’?
Woman! You are wearing a haltered top, please wear the appropriate undergarment!
Better yet make halters illegal!
4. Do women know the meaning of ‘under wear’?
It’s a combination of two words which if analyzed means clothing that is intended to be worn under.
If it is simple then why do most women in this generation wear a black bra under a white blouse?
A colorful, if not floral T-back (for heaven’s sake!) under a white, stretchable pants?
What’s the motivating factor?
Really, what is the motivating factor?

5. Do women know the meaning of clothing discipline or is it a foreign idea?
Why wear a plunging blouse, where as your mammary gland is about to make it's public debut and strut the mall?
The point that I want to raise is simple.


You are a creature of intelligence, value and honor.
Do not make a superficial trend defy the totality of your existence.
Psalm 139:14 stated how we are made (fearfully and wonderfully).
Please do not let the manifestation prove other wise.

Initially I truly do not believe in the concept of you are what you wear, but in this instance I think I will make an exemption.

Woman! You are more than just a piece of meat!

Grace Bible Church