Thursday, July 28, 2005

calling. vocation. passion.

One bad thing about finding your passion at an early age is that it EXPENDS you.

In my case, teaching is definitely my passion but what pains me is the fact that it is but the HARDEST thing to do in the universe.

I, in fact sometimes wish that I would just be a average, normal, mediocre professor. When I say average, normal, mediocre, you know the type, the ones who gets in and out of the classroom with no strings attached.
A teacher who does not care if the student in front of her would pass or fail and worst an Educator who does not give a hell care on the fact that the effort being exerted by these kids cannot and will never be represented by numbers.

Let me elaborate my pains as a teacher-

  1. There are kids who feel that they know EVERYTHING. And I cannot battle with that.
  2. There are instances that they demonstrate CONDUCTS that are unbecoming of a student.
  3. They want to grow OLD in a hurry.
  4. They are BORED, GRUMPY and PETULANT. (Now this is what I do not understand?)
  5. They engage themselves with actions they CANNOT explain.
  6. I care MORE for them, than they, on themselves.
  7. They just DO NOT want to learn.

Now here is the good part, in the country like the Philippines, education if an opportunity, it is never a right.

What I fear is for these kids is to continually live in a lie that they are in school to get their diplomas.

Hell NO.

Students are not in school for the diploma they are in school because they need to learn.

And I mean NEED.

Nursing students for example are very open about the fact that they took nursing as a course because they want to go abroad…now that is motivation (try to recite this in a very sarcastic mood)

This is daunting, for months I have been having problems with my students, I am having the biggest predicament of butchering their old beliefs and assisting them in rebuilding a new one, which includes nationalism, obedience, humility, inquisitiveness and industry.

All my life I wanted to be an effective teacher but now I realize that for me to be an exceptional one-

I must be challenged. I must be motivated. I must be provoked.

I wish that I would be.
This semester.

Grace Bible Church