Tuesday, July 19, 2005

trivia. trivia

Why was I unreachable these past few days?

Because I was busy playing trivia.

But in reality I am quite not so convince on the phrase ‘playing trivia’.

While playing trivia my thirst for knowledge is quenched.

Most of my friends find this peculiar. For them something trivial is just a waste of brain space and time.

I on the other hand disagree.

Most people sees trivia as a term trivia is widely used to refer to tidbits of unimportant information, but it can also mean general knowledge. How can a piece of history be unimportant? How can we consider a person who had made a major discovery that will improve our way of living be treated with less worth. Hmmm…

If this is the way we treat trivia it does reflect our way of living.

How many students whom I know go to school not to learn but to get their diploma? I can give them fancy papers with the word diploma if they want it so much.

How many parents whom I know encourage their children to take a course with the sole purpose of pressing them to go abroad just because it is what the media said is the trend.

No wonder the country is a mess.

Not only do we not recognize our national identity we also try to give a placebo on our understanding on the notion of triviality.

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