Saturday, February 19, 2005


Ahhhhh February.
The Love month.
Fact of the matter is that I was suppose to post this a few weeks ago but, even if I hate this phrase I have to say that this is the real reason ‘I was busy…extremely busy’. But of course I have to make time.
I am not going to be antagonistic this time (I would at least try not to be) but February is my most hated month (no offense to some of my friends who celebrates their birthdays on this month nothing personal just analytical).
You may ask why? But even if not I would still state my reasons.
First is that it gives pressure to people to have a ‘relationship’ so that they could make use of the event (February 14 in case your are not from this planet). Imagine the anxiety a person undergoes just to find a date, believe me I know a couple of people who asked me (imagine
the guts) to be their auxiliary date (auxiliary means emergency date so that if they can’t find a real date they would not be LOSERS from LOSERSLAND). Of course I am so predictable I said NO. Why bother in having a date just for the sake of proving earth that you are not lonely...if truly you are not (lonely that is) it would don't even have to lift a finger.

Second is that people suddenly becomes hungry on the concept of ‘belongingness’. They need a hand to hold, a person to fetch, an eye to stare at and somebody whom they can practically plan a romantic date, how could one desire a partnership with another person when they truly know that they cannot give what that person needs.
Please try exploring this with me-
You need to be with somebody because there is emptiness in you, the person you like also
needs somebody because she/he also feels the emptiness, therefore the feeling is mutual, the
two of you can say lovingly to each other the infamous phrase ‘you complete me’. NOT.
Reality check, one empty person plus another empty individual equals TWO EMPTY INDIVIDUALS.
You feed on the emptiness of each other…but until when? Until it is still convenient for you?
Until the next guy/girl comes?
Third is that even the environment does not help in cultivating the loneliness people feel, suddenly Love Songs are ever present (hail Stephen Bishop and some other guy who tells people that ‘IT MIGHT BE THEM, imagine telling the next person that it might be him…IT MIGHT…you are not even sure!), Romantic Pocketbooks are of the RAGE, Romantic Films are shown, stuffs for two are suddenly available, even combo meals for two! Why? Why? Why?
Last is that after the month is over all the frenzy about love will also be over. And that makes the concept of love really CHEAP.
Are you telling me that love is just seasonal? Try telling me to my face and I will slap you.
Just like what Jon Bon Jovi say 'you give love a bad name'.

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