Sunday, January 30, 2005

chaotic week

Finally, a time to write, don't get me wrong I love writing but it’s the time that I don’t have.
The last two weeks of my life has been chaotic.
Work, work and work.
One of the subjects I'm handling had reach its zenith, that it practically demanded all of my life source.
Imagine going to school at 8 in the morning and going home at around 2am, then you do it again the next day.
Draining? Not.
Physically it is exhausting. But the rest it's all good.
My class is coming up with its own gag show. And to be honest humor came out naturally as though they don't have to think about it. As if the conception of the program was just a protocol. They all speak of the same language.
As we underwent the said production, I can't help but to realize that there's a lot of things that I don't know about my students. That even if I claim to have a relationship with them and I am more than willing to extend the hours and reach for them, what we have will no more than just a student-teacher relationship. Considering that I have exerted an extra mile to get to know them.
People often ask, why the need to do that? Why do you have to get to know them personally, just give them what they want to know (lesson) then give them the grade.
I strongly disagree.
The minute you enter the classroom a whole new world opens up and the outside world you belong unto closes.
Getting to know my students, their hopes and their dreams brought a new challenge in me. It pushes my ability to comprehend, it gives me a new and fresh perspective. It teaches me the value of listening and had taught me the power of passion and desire for the future.
Don't get me wrong not all of my students are lovable so to speak, but it is not an excuse not to love them. Some of them are smart asses, mr./ms. know it all, but that personalities makes me even more fascinated.
I have learned that real teaching happens after class hours, that real relationship is not built on the three hours spent inside the class dissecting intellectual abilities of each others and grades are just and again representation on how a student understood you (as a teacher) as a person.
It may seem vague and incomprehensible to some but what investing time with your students is an activity that needs to abridge the relationship you already have, it’s like waiting for the pie to be cooked or for the your favorite movie to be shown. The satisfaction I on the waiting.

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