Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the biggest irony ever

You are what you wear is perhaps the biggest lie I have ever heard.
An alarming thought cross through my mind as I rode the PVP liner last.

I have long been observing a lot of people wearing items of Ernesto Guevara dela Serna, Che Guevara for the common people, the funny thingjust hit me. After his deceitful death in 1967 Che has obdurately refuse to fade in the night.
Instead the man became an icon- a symbol of irony.

These days his enchanting revolutionary image- beret, fully clad, bearded and blazingly defiant eyes has made into a million shirts, caps, pendants, mugs and other items for everyday commerce.

The irony comes in with this concept, the once capitalisms arch-foes is now one of its most successful product, and Mr. dela Serna just like Marilyn, Elvis and the Sex Pistols has become pop culture shorthand.

I am just really sad that most young people today wear him as though they really ‘bought’ him. I just feel that they would have at least demonstrated an effort to get to know the man who was a very conflicted figure in world history.
But that is how this generation works. All for image.

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