Thursday, October 20, 2005

long jeepney rides

Cheryl and I went to PCU this afternoon to talk to her teacher in Public Relations.
I am not going to tell you in full detail what we did in that University because Cheryl might kill me, instead let us talk about my big time realization brought about by the even.
I just thought that I should write it since THIS IS MY BLOG…
1. having a spiritual family really rocks.

2. long jeepney rides promotes subterranean thinking

3. its nice to feel helpless at times (then you get to be dependent on God)

4. being humble is different from being self-effacing

5. there is a sovereign will

6. spiritual maturity may take you by surprise

7. compassion is unconditional

8. obeying is far more better than combating

9. obedience is a hard task but somebody has to do it

10.i have been in love with God and my girls for the longest time

*by the way chocolate ice cream still works when you’re depressed and masagana has a good collection of peasant skirts…

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