Thursday, October 20, 2005

really sassy...

For the nth time people have been arguing me to watch my sassy girl and what they don’t know is that the more they squabble about something the more I become determine not to do it…but for once I have been intrigued by this movie which is the declared movie of the year by my circle

The movie sassy girl refuses to take anything seriously, from young love to the rules of romantic comedy (And I really mean this!).

Lovingly frosted with parodies of everything from classical Korean literature (according to my limited knowledge of their culture); to Wong Kar-wai's art house epic, ASHES OF TIME (which I may say is another remarkable film);my sassy girl lets loose a steady stream of spitballs at anyone square enough to take the proceedings seriously.
It is a movie aimed at the audience like a quality fun gun, with no romantic comedy convention passing by without receiving a swift kick in the ribs.
A supposed touching birthday celebration turns into a military stand-off; a declaration of love becomes a study in protracted humiliation; even the first "meet cute" moment winds up with the main character getting clubbed in the face.
I must say that Hong Kong owns the best action movie, Japan rules the horror genre, and Korea produces the best comedies.
This movie supports the claim with its off-the-cuff charm, crisis situation humor, and a hard-boil sweetness at its heart.
If empty calories are clogging your movie-going arteries, this movie will zap you with the defibrillator, scrape the plaque out of your aorta, and send you on your way with a big, fat, grin plastered across your ever-loving mug. I think that the phrase "Wanna die?" in the movie really means, "I love you."

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