Tuesday, October 25, 2005

survey unfolding...

Why do I hate surveys?

Allow me to conduct an experimental technique wherein you will find out that I would never be consistent in terms of patience, details and fortitude in answering survey questionnaires.

Witness my fall.

1.Do you like to talk a lot?

NOPE. (whether you believe or not)

2.Do you like anyone?
I like everybody (really!)

3.Do you hate being scolded?
Yes, who doesn't?

4.Do you hate school?
Nope. In fact I feel exactly the opposite.

5.Do you hate yourself?
Nope. For I am fearfully and wonder fully made, that is why I love my self (not a narcissistic way huh!)

6. Do you have someone whom you consider your significant other?

7.Do you feel like having a gf/bf right now?
What the?
I think I have.

8.Do you want to smoke or drink?
No. Hell No.

9.Do you like your teachers?

10.do u have crush?
Hahaha! Yeah right!

11.Do you take Drugs?
Illegal? Over the counter? By prescription?

13.Do you like watching movies outside?

14.Do you have a pet?
Dozen’s of them. Our home is the modern day Noah’s ark.

15.Do you prefer calling? or sms ?

16.Do you eat every morning?

17.Do you go on net everyday?

18.Do you want to cry now?
No. In front of the computer? While writing this? That’ll be weird. Freakishly weird.

19. What are you doing now?
Hello!? This!

20. What are you thinking now?

World Domination.

21. What are you listening to now?
Tick of the keyboard.

22. Last person who sent a message to you?

23. Last time you got lonely?
Lonely? What Lonely?

24. Last time someone made you happy?
Everybody makes me happy!

25. Are you angry at someone?

26. Guitar or Drums?

27. Beer or Milk?

28. Gay or Lesbian?
this question is too judgemental!

29. Do you like bi sexuals?
again this question is too judgemental!

30. Do you like/love that person that makes you happy just now?
What the…?

31. Do you believe that person feels the sameway?
too vague!

32. What is your target for this year?
too broad!

33. hip hop or Rockista?
too specific!

34. last movie youve watched?
too date oriented!

35. where?
too exacting

36. with whom?
too precise

*notice how I became bored, uninterested and later on apathetic towards the questionnaire.

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