Friday, November 04, 2005

PMS (definitely not pre-menopausal syndrome)

Fact: I was truly disturbed when a couple of my students (actually they are my cell mates)told me that ‘some’ of my students are ‘afraid’ of me.

The truth is I am not a ‘terror’ teacher.

In fact I am the complete opposite.

I always smile (well, smile is an understatement, laugh would be more appropriate!).

I try to teach ‘everything’ I know in a subject and make it fun at the same time.

So when I threw back the question ‘why?’ (my life is full of why’s), my cell mates replied ‘kasi po mam NAKAKATAKOT daw po yung conviction nyo! Ang tama ay tama ang mali ay mali!’

Hmmm…wait- was that suppose to be positive, how come it was in my negative bracket?

Then that night while studying my lessons, I came to a realization (again) that, that news was slowly (but surely) making me sad…it all started with my conviction on how college students ‘should not partake on the practice of premarital sex.’

I was really on fire in discussing it, that unintentionally I might have hurt them.

I am sorry that I hurt their feelings but this becomes a logical assault, you are only hurt if you or someone close to you practice the said activity.

I am NOT sorry for sharing my conviction, it’s about time they hear uncompromising stand about PMS (definitely not pre-menopausal syndrome), that even if the media ‘brainwashed’ them, the youths by telling them that engaging in this activity is ‘normal and healthy’ it is NOT.

Every young woman is worth waiting for.

What I don’t understand is that during my ethical discussion on this matter they would bombard me with answers like ‘E mam, bakit po si Samantha sa Sex and the City OK lang?’ upon hearing this I was instantly passionate on what I believed in.

How could you compare a Filipina with fictional characters from a first world country TV show that knows nothing about God’s teaching?

How could you even use the TV show with a title Sex and the City as a guide to your life?

And How pathetic can you get upon labeling the issue of PMS as something ‘na OK lang!’ this is not a pair of jeans, this is your future, your principle and your HUMANITARIAN stand!Truly, media has been an element of stupidity.

Let me give you a concrete example:

1.they have a summit on safe sex.

Why safe sex?

Because they are concern with population explosion and sexually transmitted diseases.

Huh? What about the thought that it should NOT be safe sex but NO sex until you get married.

2.they try to feed on the hunger of the youths regarding how it is important to share your life with one guy/girl because of love.

Huh? What about the idea of gaining friends, enjoying life, knowing who they are.

Ever wonder why most young women end up looking like their boyfriends?

It is because they don’t have their own personality, identity because they are busy jumping from one relationship to another, so what they do is they adapt their boyfriends persona out of pleasing the guy and out of the concept of 'compatibility'and forget about their own being.

3.they feed on the false fact that true love is all about electricity when you hold hands, freezing time and uncanny adaptation with each other.

Huh? True Love is letting God write your love story.

It is very hard for me to make my students believe the facts that I am encouraging them to consider, they look at me as a twenty something ‘straight edge’ individual that is a tough act to follow (well, atleast that is how i view it).

What they don’t understand is that even God has been telling us ‘not to befriend the world’.

A friend of the world is definitely an enemy of God.

I think I make life look boring.

At least for them, but then again, just what I have claimed before, EDUCATION WILL NEVER BE A COMPROMISE.

Grace Bible Church