Thursday, September 04, 2008


My first night in Maastricht was a disaster.

I rode a cab from the airport not knowing that Maastricht was miles away (boy! that's a big lesson in geography).
I didn’t get to find my house right away (even if the cab has gps already).
I have felt the ever-elusive feeling of panic (I rarely panic…it’s not one of the major softwares God gave me).

When I finally reached my dorm, I cried.
I haven’t cried for a long, long time.
I have never felt so alone, so exhausted.
It got me thinking…why am I doing this? Of course, the answer didn’t came after a few weeks, (I know, which got you thinking that I have been wondering this foreign city directionless, and yes I was…but not anymore) as I sat down inside my class, listening to the tutor (they don’t call them lecturer here) God made me realize that I am already living one of my wishes, one of the things that I prayed so hard about.

It was over-whelming, suddenly I get to realized why I am there (or here).
It gave me a sense of reason.
It brought back the same feeling I have when I was in my country.
Suddenly, I am no longer lost.
No longer exhausted.

Yes, I do miss my life in the Philippines, my family, my friends, my students, chuck and all the things that Manila has, but for now I must admit that being here is worth all the troubles not because its for free and it somehow open doors to the limitless possibility of learning, but because I got back the one thing that I have lost for quite sometime…

And what is that?

It’s for me to know and for you to find out ;)

Grace Bible Church