Sunday, August 19, 2007

emo crap

At first I really liked emotional songs that talks about break up and the likes. For me artists who pioneered this kind of movement was like CS Lewis or John Irving. Men who are born with an ability to enlighten other people…then I get to realize that what he’s doing is a little un-gentleman.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t despise him or his kind. Its just that, try to think of it in this manner, a girl broke your heart and you made a song about it and let the global village listen to it, then boys/men would relate to it making it an anthem and directing it to every girl who broke their heart, now that is unfair!

I mean come one, you get your heart broken and you get to have…what? album sales, for a therapy, this one ‘awesome’ (imagine me saying this in a sarcastic voice). Its like exploiting something to gain something else. Its not bad if you only exploit yourself but obviously your motivation in creating a song is the woman, who is nameless and faceless but you used her so that you cant generate a song that would ease the pain that you are feeling.

You get your heart broken and you’d have legions of fans adoring you and looking at you as the voice of their generation, now that’s remarkable. Love and getting your heart broken is something that everybody had experienced (or will experience) it is inevitable, it will happen. What you’re doing is like kissing and telling only it is not the kissing that you are narrating but more of the ‘breaking’, heaven’s what is the difference?!

You get your heartbroken so its okay to practically trash the character of the woman whom you think caused you pain. Sure, sure you didn’t name names but don’t you think that the person would get it? That her guilt would probably get the best of her?

If this is the case, I believe that most of the song is self serving.
It is but a product of temporal hate that needs to be channeled but unfortunately was directed to a wider audience who does not truly get the meaning of the song because it is SUBJECTIVE.

Perhaps you people are too emotional because you lack sleep. Go to bed.

Grace Bible Church