Tuesday, November 02, 2004

pirates of carriedo and the legend of the black market

Why do people hate the fact that there are some (and that includes me) people who buy pirated CD's?

They truly believe on the support the anti-piracy movement (though I must admit I admire them).

You see, piracy is an offspring of technology. And just like every offspring there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good. It make life convenient, accessible, fast and blah, blah, blah...(you know the drill)

The bad. It is being used to pervert products like CD's or other artistic avenues like shirts, cap, pants and the rest.

The ugly. It strengthens the black market of pirated products. Which does not pay taxes. (well that is not surprising since a lot of multi-national companies result in coming up with their own foundation to avoid taxes)

Now, a lot of people believe that it is with us that we need to restrict ourselves from availing these products.

Actually, I have to agree, that is IF I have enough money to buy an original CD. Who does not want to own an original 'talon proof' CD. But I have to say that I can't afford it. With my salary, I cant even afford to buy an original CD on sale (and you know what kind of CD are being sold in a sale price).

Though I am a teacher I must admit that if people want to encourage the patronage of Original CD they have to lower their prices or upgrade the current salary of Filipino laborers.

I mean, they raid and confiscate pirated CD's when frankly that is not the answer in saturating this phase.

CD Writer will always be available. The 'pirates' may lose some money but they can still go back to their feet and do it again, burn CD's over and over and over again. You want a permanent solution. Lower the price of original CD (or again, adjust the salary bracket, which I believe is impossible).

Don't ask me how, figure IT out!

Our country as many have cited is a third world. Most of the people here cannot afford luxury and as long as the CD ranges from 300 to 450 it will fall into the bracket of luxurious living. Imagine comparing the price 300 versus 30. You don't even have to think. Then you would blow it with the concept of intellectual property, again, I agree with that but, entertainment need not to be owned, are you trying to tall me that only rich people can enjoy music? Are you telling me that MASA, PROLET and LUMPINS cannot enjoy the same blessing? Are you telling me that this has something to do with social discrimination?

Do not let what Mao Tse Tung's statement be true-
'Art is only available to those who can afford it' Because if the above statement is true, it would have a domino effect questioning the Philippines Democratic Stand.

The Philippines never seize to amaze me.

stand in awe

I was in awe when I read the book of ecclesiastes, I must admit I have'nt finished reading the bible for I have been a Christian just a few years ago. And yes, I am a convert.

I was really struck by the thought of everything is meaningless.

I mean for an ordinary individual, proving themselves is a daily routine. Making an impression is a must. And being known for an identity is a necessity.

But the book of Ecclesiastes proves to be the other way around.

I have wanted a lot of things in my life.
(in no particular order) Utmost education. Travel. Missions. Diplomas. House. Car. Park. Nature Reserve. Cell Group. Regularization. Husband. Kids. Tech Advancement for my schools. My own book. My own Site. My own Coffee Shop. And other things that proves to be worthless.

Some of these things I have, some I don't, and a lot I don't know how to get.
But on the latter part I get excited, the fact that I don't know how to is an avenue to test my faith. To further deepen my relationship with God.

But I must admit, my intentions are not quite clear.

For example, I have earned my MA Degree in communication just last march, and I must say it is one battle that I fought with God on my side. Right after the defense, there was not but a penny in my pocket, every peso that I saved was swept. I became poor/broke in an instant. I even resulted to getting rid of chuck's phone and mine just to get enough money to pursue the defense. And just about a month ago, I concluded to pursue a Ph. D.

When I read ecclesiastes just this morning I was really astounded by the fact that it posted the question, 'what for?'

As though the book was directly talking to me, as if it was personified, this is not the first time that the bible spoke to me in a personalized manner, but ecclesiastes was different.

It practically hit me with a sharp knife, telling me that it will all be in accordance to God's plans. That I have every right to plan ahead but I must not forget the ultimate step or process, is it pleasing to God. Are my motives pure?

I know that I have mentioned this a thousand times but for some reason I forget it, specially under the following occasions-
1.when I want things done in my perspective
2.when I want things done in my own time
3.when I want things done my way, the way I want it

But who am I ? What I can conceive is just figment to God. I only know what I can comprehend, and I can only comprehend what is accessible to me. What about the big picture?

God had made everything beautiful in its time. That is his promise. God always keeps a promise. And who am I to even begin tampering with it.
Truly God speaks. And if He does be sure to listen.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Last Friday upon going home, my friend and I were shocked with the sight that we saw.

Battalions of teenagers.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black and really, really excited.
Battalions of teenagers wearing black and really, really excited going to October fest.

What is with October fest? As if this is a mandated holiday for teenagers.
I mean why do you have to dress up, go to megamall just so you can get drunk and puke your internal organs out.
Truth of the matter, I don’t get it.
Why is there a need to get drunk?
Why is there a need to be rebellious?
Why even bother to get rebellious when you can go to megamall and get drunk in the car park slash mosh pit?
Why is there a need to support vices promoted by the Philippines number one capitalist?

Imagine the pathetic fact that you as a teenager getting excited in supporting the number one reason why the cost of living in our country is on its rocketing high. Ypu support the primary reason why your parents constantly worry where to get the money to support your daily needs. Worst you support the fact that we will always be a third world country.
If that is one form of rebellion, i must have been born in wrong century.

How do I relate that?
The corporation that spearheaded October fest is the same corporation that practically owns all of the businesses that needs to be bought because it is a commodity. Food and Drinks in particular. Is that not enough that we have to go an extra mile in supporting and endorsing an addiction?

When you get hooked in drinking, even if it is not October you are going to buy beer, now tell me…you will be shelling out money…you will be forever somebody who would buy beer to satisfy your limitless hunger. I already feel bad that in every celebration in our culture may it be christening, Christmas, New Year, birthdays or even a simple bonding activity like swimming or hiking, beer is always present and it is not for the sole purpose of social drinking but for getting head drunk!

At your age you celebrate beer. Worst upon celebrating beer you loose your brain. You forget the fact that beer/alcohol is a commodity, you get to buy it.When you could use your money in a more productive way.

Ever wonder why most patrons of October fest are teeners, because you can’t afford to drink beer yet. And why can’t you afford? Because you are not suppose to drink yet! Some say they are there because of the bands and eventually since alcohol is ccesible they get to drink, plus it cost really less.

Hello! that is exactly the idea. It will be less so when you get hooked on the experience your get to buy no matter what the price is...and regarding the bands...i hate them. They tolerate. Therefore the society will never change.

I don’t understand this scheme. I was shocked by the sight of teenagers drinking their hearts out, not because I don’t drink. Not because I can’t relate. But because I truly believe that there are better ways to celebrate life.

A celebration that does not include nausea, puking or worst a fight or pms.

A celebration that will not be bad to your health, bad to the society (imagine the chaos in EDSA that night!) and most of all bad to the Philippine Economy.
If this continue then the segmentation of the Philippine Social Strata would remain the same. Triangular.
I believe that teenagers are not shallow. But I can’t find a way to prove it.
Specially when I witnessed octoberfest or shall i say octoberpest!

test your faith

I remember in one of our church services it was indicated that Christianity is not a buffet.

And I have to agree with that fully.

But one thing that I don’t understand is that there are people who only get what is beneficial to them
from christianity.

Actually upon writing this, I can’t help but feel bad because I have witnessed first hand what people do
when they feel like they can’t commit.

When they look at god as an option.

When they fear that things would go wrong if they take a leap of faith.

Two of my cell should have been baptized last Thursday and Friday.

We got it all figured out.

We have the schedule, paid the fee, had the reservations, finished one to one and the only thing
we need to undergo is the session.

The day before the assembly we met to finish the last part of one to one and to talk about final instructions.

It was all set.

And so that was what I thought.

8 pm both of them called me to tell me that they can’t make it.

I was shocked.

What is this? Am I from another planet? Is water baptism an excursion?
Of course I asked why? Why won’t you fulfill your commitment? Why wont you obey gods command?
(see acts 2:38-41). Why the sudden change of heart?

One said her parents did not allow her and she is afraid that it would mess everything up at home if she insisted.

Now here is the catch.

The only reason why her family was intact is because she has so much faith THEN, that she believe
god would restore her family back and God did, for God is a god of restoration. And now that she has it,
she forgot that the reason why she has it is because god gave it to her. She totally forgot that she, me or
anybody cannot restore anything. Nobody can restore that relationship.

It was because of the mighty hand of god that it worked out.

The other said she can’t make it because she has to be in their loading station.

Now this is even pathetic, disobeying god because of money.

I felt weak, I checked my faith. I told them that we need to pray hard. But what I felt was, I was the only
one fighting the battle. The two gave up even before the

Battle started.

I don’t want to sound self righteous, but there is no better way to present this but this, they asked me if
somebody could just take their slot.

I was furious by that time.

To furious to even speak that all I did was cry. What do you think of god’s command?

A plane.

There could be chance passengers.

By 11 am, I start blaming myself.

Maybe I was not a good cell leader.

Maybe I was not a good example.

Maybe I don’t walk the talk.

But suddenly I was reminded of the fact that it has never been about me, it is all about God.

And if my cell didn’t see it that way then they have a problem. I have been telling them all along…

If truly they have been reading the bible then this would not be a new thing.

I cried like I never cried before that day…but one good thing is that I prayed like

I never prayed before and my faith grew even more stronger. And just like what god said
'my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ (2corinthians 12:9.

The night before and the next day I felt god’s presence so much that I even had the courage to go
to the church/center and see what is going on.

I was reminded that the only reason why they have these things (‘yung mga pinanghahawakan nila) is because
god gave it to them.

God practically hand it over to them.

Once they received it they don’t want to let go, thinking that it would be all messed up. but I must admit,
once a thing becomes the center of your life, god will take it away. Not because he is cruel but because a
worldly thing should not be the center of your being. How shallow can you get?

When we received salvation God did not expect something from us in return. In fact it was the opposite,
the bible said 'for it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith-and it is not from yourselves,
it is the gift of god,-not by works so that no one can boast’ (Ephesians 2:8,9).The best that we can do
aside form receiving the gift is the fact that we obey god’s words and ‘pay it forward’.

Christianity is definitely not a buffet. We cannot choose and pick things that would benefit us. We get the
good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly…but most of all we get God.

enticing humbleness

After the ‘back out’ incident. An idea crossed my mind. That week me, my cell leader and another friend prayed for the event and the participants.

I, specifically prayed for humility.

God gave it to me. The hard way.

I must admit that sometimes my knowledge of christianity fills my head. In fact, I might be proud for sometime. Specially to those who claim that they don’t believe that god exist or to those who are complacent.

But God hears prayers and answers them right away.

My cell leader told me that she didn’t see any problem when it comes to humility from me, so I first thought then there is no problem.

But I asked God for humility not because I was proud or boastful. I asked him for humility because it is the best way to mold character and if people don’t see it,

God sure does.
‘when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom’ (proverbs 11:2)
maybe people don’t see it in me but God see me through, inside out and if what I feel, think and do is not pleasing to him I am more than happy to correct it.

Then a funny thought came, amidst the pain that I have been feeling, God still has a way of showing you that he loves you very much. Aside from gaining experience from the back out event which is total rehash for me because prior to being a Christian I have problems when it comes to rejection.

Rejection is my waterloo.

I don’t know how to handle it.

I have missed good opportunities in life trying not to be set up in a situation that might spur rejection.

Surprisingly God’s promise came true.

I was rejected. But not devastated.

I came across a very precious note, ‘because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in’ (proverbs 3:12) and god loves me even if I was rejected.

In fact God loves me/us period.

Even if I loss the spiritual battle.

One prima facie that God loves us, is the fact that-

Everyday we improve.

Everyday we learn.

And everyday he see us through.

relationship wagon

A friend of mine ask me how would she know if a guy likes her. She has been receiving text messages and e-mails from a guy whom she met through a friend.

I asked her back ‘is this one of your priorities?’ my gut feel is that she will not answer back because she really likes the guy. And just as expected she didn’t answer back.

My stand on this matter is simple.
‘if a guy can’t back you up with marriage what is the point of having a relationship?’

I remember a guy friend of mine who has the battle cry of ‘collect and collect and then select’, the same guy who said that ‘there is a need to have a lot of relationship to choose the perfect person to settle with when you grow old’.

That is hard.

Imagine, you, screening on your own, the perfect person to complete you.

You practically have to rummage all over earth earth just to search for that perfect person. It would be a bad case of hit or miss. And the awful part is that you and another person would be hurt in the process. The hurt that you will experience will be retained in your memory, making the successive relationships less of an experience. Try to count how many of our friends gets paranoid every time they would be put in a situation that would remind them of one hurtful event in their ‘quest for relationship’. Notice how they would always say that ‘this guy is different’ and try to count how many times have they saw themselves married into a guy and then quickly erase it (now don’t even try to deny it, women do that at least once, imagine themselves with their current bf's, married).

I, on the other hand believe that there is somebody who would do that for me.

Somebody who would sort out guys for me.

Somebody who would match me with the perfect guy.

And his name is God.

My friend asked ‘what if the guy is the one destined for her?’

I was pissed off and so I answered her back with questions that are pure and simple. This may also be beneficial to those girls who just plunge in from one relationship to another-

1.are you still studying?

2.do you plan to work and help your parents after studying?

3.are you exerting an effort like giving meaning to text and e-mails?

If all your answer is ‘yes’ then it is not yet time.

God will not give you a guy if you’re not yet ready.

God will not give you a guy if there are tasks that needs to be done for you to grow in all aspects of your life.

If a guy passed by and you feel you like him don’t jump into the relationship wagon. If you think and feel that he is the guy let God reveal it to you. Isn’t it much simpler not worrying if the guy is the guy…or if he is the one…or if he might slipped by…for heavens sake

God will not allow that to happen…he’s timing is perfect.

God will take care of your ‘love life’ in His own way and time.

And believe me god’s way is the best.

Funny, I asked this friends of mine if the guy is starting to be a distraction to her and if the guy is a temptation already. She said yes on both question.

But I believe she is not doing anything.

I pray that she would realize that she doesn’t need to think or lift a finger if the guy is truly for her.

Jumping from one relationship to another is not only hard because of the constant adjustment that a girl has to undergo since she has to adapt to the new attitude of the guy but also it fills up her memory bank of relationship gone bad, one reason why a lot of girls are bitter and feels like they need to be fulfilled by another person …every time you split up you need to close a book, and when the right guy comes along you would say ‘I wish that he was my first kiss, first holding hand…first everything’.

Believe that god has somebody for you.

And he is great.