Monday, October 31, 2005

clean energy

Global warming is real and its impacts will only get worse unless we embrace clean energy.

Renewable power from the sun, the wind and modern biomass provides less than 1% of the energy needs of the Philippines today.

To help stop global warming, we need to swicth to renewable energy and to increase energy efficiency.


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what to expect when you are expecting? (definitely not for pregnant women)

Hayyy! Again what is with women and relationship?

Why do I have a burden in explaining to women that there is a NEED to wait for that special person, that the supposed significant other is God Sent.

So, I came up with several ‘expectation silhouette’ for women who at least understands the virtue of waiting.

1.expect that it would take time for the guy to arrive.


Because if he would be special he has to be prepared, and I mean prepared, in all areas physical, emotional and spiritual.

Preparation takes time (according to the dictionary prepared means Made fit or suitable).

Preparation is synonymous with foundation, groundwork, grounding and training.

What is the common denominator of these words?


2.expect that the guy would not be signed, sealed and delivered in your doorsteps if you fall in any of the following status-


b.if you are a draper (meaning you value his point of view over yours, to the point that you end
up being ‘his dummy’)

c.if you don’t have you’re identity yet

d.if you haven’t fulfilled your purpose yet (this means you have to know your purpose!)

e.if God did not gave you his GO signal (believe me if you are in synchronicity with God you would know!)

3.expect that the guy would come in a perfect timing.


Because God wants you to appreciate him fully.

4.expect that the guy is everything that you would ask for.

God will not give you somebody that you wouldn’t like/love.

He is your creator he knows what you want.


5.expect that the guy would respect you and value your opinion as an individual .

How could he respect and value your individual opinion if you don’t have any?

This means that you need to be an individual first!

6.expect that the guy would be somebody whom your parents would approve of.

Because he would value not only you but as well as the people whom you love.

7.expect that the guy would complement your attitude, point of view and goals.

If he is God sent the room for adjustment would be not that hard, because the timing is perfect.

Are you not tired of adjusting on the mood of the guy and practically disowning your disposition?

8.expect that the guy to contribute on your growth.

In all areas.

Waiting is hard.

But let me post you this question, between waiting and being a volunteer of failed relationships, which is harder?

I do not impose these things because I am afraid of being hurt, it is just that I have so much faith in God that I would entrust him my future.

Faith is believing even if you don’t see it.

Faith is not faith until it is the only thing you are holding on to.

Do not confuse love with romance.

Romance was defined as a dreamy, imaginative habit of mind; a disposition to ignore what is real, now tell me do you want to be associated with that kind of term?

A lot of women today do not even experience love and yet would go on as far as having a relationship...why?

They like the facade.

They enjoy the phony feeling of being 'special'.

What happens if reality checks in?

'Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see'
Heb. 11:1

compromising education

I was once alarmed by the fact that a ‘talk ‘ have been circulating about me that I terribly give ‘low’ grades.

At first I was disturbed, because it’s not tru.


I mean as far as I know I give grades in accordance to what they deserve.

I am not saying that most of my students are ‘slow’ or ‘stupid’, but
the reason why they are in school is because they have to ‘learn’ and to have ‘sky rocketing grades’ are just secondary.

I know that some might react and tell me that getting high grades is part of their ‘university life’ but at least try to grasp this-
how many students come to school to actually learn? how many students come to class to ‘graduate’? to get their diploma?

You see students in this generation are far more concern on the ‘numbers’ they get (grades) than the actual learning experience.

In fact, I would always end my lessons early not because I want to but because there are no students who asks me questions that would produce a worthwhile ‘intellectual intercourse'.

They want the objective/definition side of the lesson.

I believe that ‘education is not a compromise’.

You go to school to learn and grades are just a prima facie on how you actually performed during the semester.

Kids these days get high grades because they resort to ‘
not so’ good techniques in claiming what they think they deserve.

They loose their integrity and their humanity because they act as if it is the only option available.

They thought professors never notices the way they tilt their head to look at their classmates answer.

On how they centralize their eyes on the person whom they think has the right answers.

I mean they party the night before and then they also want to get high grades the next morning?

They want the best of both worlds; the word priority doesn’t mean anything to them?
kung makakahamig- hahamig.

So my solution to that is to always give essays or analysis for examination.

One teacher asked me
‘diba mahirap yang chekan?’

I answered ‘yup, but this is the only way I could motivate my students to speak their minds’ then my colleague answered ‘pano kung daanin ka sa chika?’ so I answered back ‘chika o hindi I’d still get an ounce of what they think’.

Education can never be a concession, a kid should get the grade that he/she deserves, I am not saying that teachers should not give them ‘considerations’ in the numerical sense but I think it would be better for the students to walk tall knowing that the grades they have is something that they actually earned.

A lot of students seek their teacher’s favor because they want an easy way map for the semester, what they don’t get is that if the teachers liked them personally, the expectations from the professor becomes higher, leaving a little for consideration.

So the key, make learning the priority.

You are NOT in school to graduate; you are in school to learn the utmost knowledge your brain can handle.

the problem is...

We look at problems as a thing that holds us back.

As an event that makes us weak.

As something that would manifest how bad we can be.

I disagree.

I believe that problems-

1. Makes us strong.


You have heard this before, but what I want to emphasize on is the idea that ‘strength is
NOT measured by how you stood up or how you voice out your beliefs’.

From what I understood ‘strength is best demonstrated through obedience’.

Obeying is a very rare character for an individual, it is very natural for a person to be rebellious specially if things would not go his way, but being obedient is a VIRTUE.

How hard is it to just stand there follow God’s will while you are being bombarded with problems, problems that you feel you do not deserve?

How hard is it to just be still when you know that you have every opportunity to manipulate things in your favor?

And worst how hard is it to follow orders from the ‘boss’, orders that you think will not work for you?

Those scenario makes you strong.

2. It makes us happy.

I am not insane.

It is true.

Try to grasp this.

If God gives you problems, this mean that He cares for you because He wants you to know how resilient your faith is.

He does not give you problems to test your faith.

He already know it.

He made you, remember?

But on the other hand, YOU do not know the extent of your faith.

It is for you and you alone.

So that you may find out how faithful you are and also realize where your faith is placed.

Don’t you find it liberating every time there are problems that will be solved in His name.

Doesn't that make you appreciate the state when you DON'T have any problems?

Does that not make you happy?

3. It allow God to move into our lives.

The biggest solution that one can provide in solving his problem is surrender.

How hard is it for an individual to say ‘Lord, go ahead…your will be done’pretty hard huh?

But we must realize that God wants us to stop and enjoy life, sometimes we are so caught up with what we want that we forget what life is all about and worst we forget Him.

4. It tests our faith.

Of course, the best avenue to test our faith in God is through problems, sometimes I admire the faith demonstrated by people, if only they know where to place it.

Our faith should not be placed on people, events or things.

Worst your faith should NOT be ‘faith in faith’ it should be ‘faith in God’.

I encounter people that would say ‘hindi kaya natin ito’…it would be better if it would be ‘hindi kaya natin ito…if it is God’s will’

5. It brings wisdom.

Everybody desires to be wisdom-full (just like Yoda).

To have the ability to comprehend and analyze complex problems.

But remember that God gave you wisdom out of training, through the problems you have encountered so that you would be a blessing to other people.

Do not deprive them of that, make use of God’s gift.

Palagay nyo paanong naging matalino si yoda? through reading?

Come on!

Youhave seen Yoda fight!

The bottom line is let us enjoy the problems we have.

I know that you think that there is something terribly wrong with my statement.

I know that would be hard but keep this in mind.

But believe me you will get something beneficial from it.

We can look at it in two perspective-

First, if it is from God, he wants us to be better in all areas, and how good is it to realize that we are having this battle side by side with God

Second, if it is from the enemy I believe it is a signal that we perform God’s task efficiently because we are becoming a threat to the dark side (naks!).

Let me leave you with this scripture-

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you maybe mature and complete, not lacking anything.
james 1:2-4

internal values should manifest in action

Most people would label as somebody who is under the category of ‘manang’. I really don’t mind.


I am proud to be a ‘manang’.

Even my sister would label me the same.

I don’t wear anything that is provocative.

I don’t go for the typical ‘aggressive’ behavioral pattern of women.
In fact I disapprove of it.

And most of all I don’t march around pretending to be somebody I am not.

What for?

So that guys would find me interesting?


What do I mean?

Most girls in this generation tend to look at themselves in a ‘noninterventionist
yet so disapproving’ manner.

Allow me to elaborate.

I have been really aching for the longest time re: my students who can’t live without
‘boys’ on the side.

Girls who jumps from one relationship to another.

Girls who tries so hard to be different every single day so that they can stand out
and get noticed.

Standing out is good but the questionable part is the motive.

In fact I have witnessed a couple of heartbreaks.

Tons of disappointments.

Oodles of wasted friendship.

And the more I tell them to ‘wait for the one God is sending you’, the more impatient they become.
Sad to say that girls in this generation badly needed a security check.

Meaning they need boys to feel accepted.

They have this hallucination that they cannot be happy if there is no guy beside them to
assure them that they are beautiful, attractive and most of all to tell them that they
are not alone, that they have somebody who would take care of them.

Some one who would love them.
And so they think.

News Flash.

Its just one superficial affair.

Most girls today do not honor the meaning of

They just feel that everything should happen NOW.

Please take note of the younger age bracket, in terms of attitude, clothing, accessorizing, as though they wanted to grow old as fast as they can.

Waiting is good.
Waiting is good.
Waiting is good.

Internal values should manifest in outward actions.

If you feel/think that you are worthy of one good and lasting relationship,
STOP rushing.

Your values reflect through your exploits.

Haven’t you ever thought that most guys do not take you seriously is because you have
been taking for granted your value? your worth?

Start to accept the ‘waiting’ principle.

If you want a guy who will not make you cry, I think he is worth waiting for.

'Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness'
Matthew 6:33.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

survey unfolding...

Why do I hate surveys?

Allow me to conduct an experimental technique wherein you will find out that I would never be consistent in terms of patience, details and fortitude in answering survey questionnaires.

Witness my fall.

1.Do you like to talk a lot?

NOPE. (whether you believe or not)

2.Do you like anyone?
I like everybody (really!)

3.Do you hate being scolded?
Yes, who doesn't?

4.Do you hate school?
Nope. In fact I feel exactly the opposite.

5.Do you hate yourself?
Nope. For I am fearfully and wonder fully made, that is why I love my self (not a narcissistic way huh!)

6. Do you have someone whom you consider your significant other?

7.Do you feel like having a gf/bf right now?
What the?
I think I have.

8.Do you want to smoke or drink?
No. Hell No.

9.Do you like your teachers?
Yes. u have crush?
Hahaha! Yeah right!

11.Do you take Drugs?
Illegal? Over the counter? By prescription?

13.Do you like watching movies outside?

14.Do you have a pet?
Dozen’s of them. Our home is the modern day Noah’s ark.

15.Do you prefer calling? or sms ?

16.Do you eat every morning?

17.Do you go on net everyday?

18.Do you want to cry now?
No. In front of the computer? While writing this? That’ll be weird. Freakishly weird.

19. What are you doing now?
Hello!? This!

20. What are you thinking now?

World Domination.

21. What are you listening to now?
Tick of the keyboard.

22. Last person who sent a message to you?

23. Last time you got lonely?
Lonely? What Lonely?

24. Last time someone made you happy?
Everybody makes me happy!

25. Are you angry at someone?

26. Guitar or Drums?

27. Beer or Milk?

28. Gay or Lesbian?
this question is too judgemental!

29. Do you like bi sexuals?
again this question is too judgemental!

30. Do you like/love that person that makes you happy just now?
What the…?

31. Do you believe that person feels the sameway?
too vague!

32. What is your target for this year?
too broad!

33. hip hop or Rockista?
too specific!

34. last movie youve watched?
too date oriented!

35. where?
too exacting

36. with whom?
too precise

*notice how I became bored, uninterested and later on apathetic towards the questionnaire.

kape. coffee. kape.

Personally, I like flavored coffee, though honestly I usually stick to the traditional varieties like Vanilla, Hazelnut or a good Irish Cream.
I've not experimented with newer concoctions, like blueberry, rum raisin or candy apple.
That's just not 'coffee' anymore, in my opinion.
I've heard from many faithful coffee buddies that flavored coffees are just terrible.
Not because the taste is terrible, but because the whole concept of adding flavors to coffee is disrespectful to the coffee (this is my opinion don’t even to begin questioning it!).
Coffee has such a wonderful flavor on its own, why mess with it?
How do they get the flavors into the beans, you ask? (The same question that I have been asking, thanks to the Figaro barista, he answered me meticulously)
The process usually involves treating the freshly roasted beans with chemical flavorings (sometimes natural, and sometimes not).
Since they are going to be treated anyway, quite often the beans are not of the highest quality and the roasting is indiscriminate.
The fact that the coffee is processed with chemicals is a point against them.
In other words, it may be a delicious drink, but it's still poor coffee.
The aromatic nature of the flavors tends to give the coffee a very strong smell, but the flavors don't always translate well into your cup.
This is another place where quality comes in.
A poor quality flavored coffee may smell great, but it won't have much taste.
Many folks choose flavored coffee because it's too time-consuming to actually create a drink with a host of ingredients when you're in a rush.
If you enjoy flavored coffee, at least get some that has been made from well-roasted, quality beans.
But a shot of syrup can quickly and easily add a new taste to your coffee.
Or add some spices to your ground coffee beforehand.
A bit of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, or other powdered spice can be added to your ground coffee.
Just brew as usual.


Today I have had the worst news as of this year.

I will be handling third year students.

I feel weak in the knees and the sensation seems to promote an overflowing hopelessness on the fact that I will be tap in hell with this kids!

I will never understand the culture of this generation.

And every time I would see these kids, I feel as though the gap between me and them have grown wider and wider, that no type of bridge would be able to make us on the same plane again.

Every time I see them the same amount of sting surges in my entire body.

The problem is I am in no position to even admit, I hate them.

I am not even sure if I do hate them.

It’s more of a mixture of disappointment, misery and annoyance.

Disappointed for being somebody which they are not.


Over confident.


Miserable because I know that they could be somebody better. Somebody who's-




And annoyed because they have done this repeatedly.

These feelings are all rolled into one confusing state that is ever present in my life as of this moment.

I wish that this would be over, actually that is the reason why I do not want to teach them this semester.

But once again, escapism will never be an element of my life whether by chance or by choice.

There is sacredness in tears.

For me they are not the mark of weakness, but of power.

They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.

They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.

I have long been crying over this people.

What does this mean?

I still love my kids.

Monday, October 24, 2005

welcome to narnia!

A well-known author and apologist, C. S. Lewis is best known by the public as the author of the seven volume series 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

Narnia is an imaginary world visited by children from this world.

Obviously Lewis has two major reason in writing Narnia: to entertain the readers and to suggest parallelism of the Christian faith.

CS Lewis has been successful in using fiction to open peoples' hearts in accepting Christ as their Savior because he first entertains the audience with a wonderful story.

The Chronicles tell of the different adventures of English children as they visit the kingdom of Narnia and then talks about their love for the lion Aslan.

Aslan, is the "the son of the Emperor over Sea," can be compared to this Jesus Christ.

Lewis during his childhood always favored fairy tales and fantasies and as an adult, he came to a decision to write one.

And so began The Chronicles of Narnia. Instead of planning to write a fictional book that succeeded in using apologetics, it is quite obvious that Lewis presented the "facet" of Christianity "as with Aslan”.

I have read in one interview with Walter Hooper (C. S. Lewis' biographer) he describes Lewis as being the most religious man he ever met.

For this reason, no matter what Lewis wrote, his statement of faith would greatly impact all of his works.

Even though Christian symbolism can be found in The Chronicles, I believe that Lewis recognized the importance of getting "past those watchful eyes" these are people who are not open to the beliefs of Christianity because they were told they should believe it.

But how should Lewis go about getting past those who are not open to the idea of Christianity?

He believed that the best way to do this was to present it in a fictional world, a world in which it would be easier to accept.

The readers grows to love Aslan and everything that he symbolizes; in fact they love him so much that they might begin wishing for someone like Aslan in this world.

After finding this love for Aslan, they will ideally transfer that love to Christ when presented with the Gospel later in life.

That saddest part is that The Chronicles of Narnia are successful because many readers do not realize the resemblance of Aslan to Jesus Christ.

Even though Christian themes are present, the Chronicles are NOT dependent on them.

For this reason, "the Narnian stories have been so successful in getting into the bloodstream of the secular world".

But what I remember strongly about Lewis is this article in a magazine about a girl asking what is Aslan’s real name was, Lewis answered her with this-‘As to Aslan's real name, well I want you to guess.

Has there never been anyone in this world who -

1. Arrived at the same time as Father Christmas.

2. Said he was the son of the great Emperor.

3. Gave himself up for someone else's fault to be jeered at and killed by wicked people.

4. Came to life again.

5. Is sometimes spoken of as a Lamb....

Don't you really know His real name?

Think it over and let me know your answer!’.

When the readers realize who is Aslan in the real world, they will find out that his true name is Jesus Christ.

And when this happens, Lewis is successful at opening a person's heart to accepting Christianity.

C. S. Lewis has been credited in writing some of the most well-known books on Christian apologetics, also he has been successful in writing fictional books, books that are appealing to both Christians and non-Christians.

Although there are many debates as to whether Lewis should use fairy tales to share the Gospel, it is evident that he is successful in doing so because of his strengths as a good story teller.

long over due...underworld

I have watched Underworld out of the context that I like Kate Beckinsale, but the problem is I hate Vampires (or anything that is product of occult).

The backbone of the movie revolves around a war that has been fought for centuries between Vampires and Lycans (also known as Werewolves).

The movie was a pleasant surprise.

It a dark movie (literally, almost gothic like), has lots of rain, a solid story, solid characters, perfect character development, state of the art werewolf transformations, great fight scenes (especially the last twenty minutes of the movie) and splendid whip and gun fights.

Even the bullets they used were pretty good/cool!

There is not too much about this movie that I didn't like.

Underworld kicked some major ass.

I believe that director Len Wiseman might have just redefined the Vampire/Werewolf genre with the work he did on Underworld.

I loved how Wiseman plays with your mind in the movie.

This movie is probably not the best vampire movie ever made, but I cannot think of a better werewolf movie in many years and having the vampires and werewolves at war with each other was great…err…fun.

And the couple of twists and turns that he adds to their ongoing war only added to an already enjoyable movie.

Pure brilliance.

There are so many things that could have been done wrong with a vampire/werewolf flick but he just seems to get everything right.

I'm sure that the director ill be criticized for the likeness in his movie to others such as Blade, The Crow and The Matrix.

But all I know is that I was extremely entertained.

I should also mention Kate Beckinsale. I never really thought of her as much more than a your typical romantic comedy cutie.

In this movie she kicked ass.

I believe that Underworld is a great action movie and an even better "creatures of the night" flick.

Don't be afraid to sink your teeth into this one.

You will not be disappointed.

What the...Zombie?

I have long been wanting to write an appraisal (ha!ha!ha!) of the movie Land of the Dead, George Romero is one of the few directors that I love who’s works are far from the realism category that I much appreciate.

What I like about the film is that Romero splits his focus between the dead stalking humans and humans screwing each other.

This time around, the dead are starting to show signs of cooperation and low-level thought, which by the way some of my friends find really inconsistent (what do they know?!)

I have known George A. Romero to be the originator of the modern zombie movie, and with Land of the Dead, he hasn't done much to refine it.

In the movie the zombies are creepier than in the past, and the gore is more hard-core, but the story still boils down to the same old, same old: humans running away from hoards of slow-moving zombies.

In some way, the film feels like a hybrid of last year's Dawn of the Dead remake crossed with Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (which i love...both!).

Also to some extent I believe that this movie has its own share of political undertone.

There are a couple of good, primitive scares, but the relentlessness of the previous films has been replaced by a series of "boo!" moments.

The movie has a straightforward feel, and you have a sense from the beginning who's going to live and who's going to die.

At least there's one iconic scene: the dead gradually rising from the river after they have discovered that water isn't a barrier (this is obviously my favorite
sequence! The Lighting was perfect, so complimentary with the texture!).

This is one of those scenes meant for posters and nightmares, and it's one of only a few instances when Land of the Dead strikes exactly the right chord.

tsk, tsk, tsk

Many women in this generation are lonely.

Seemed to be a too judgmental statement?


This is how my universe seemed to come into view.

Most women in this generation would fit the description
‘boy crazy’.

Define boy crazy?

a. The state where a woman would always look at a guy (and I mean any guy) as a prospect for a relationship (romantic).

b. The condition where a woman cannot distinguish the difference between love and romance.

c. The position where words like flirting, physical contact and belongingness seems to have a meaning that is closely related to each other.

I am no intellectual giant but what I think is that most women today compensates their loneliness through a one-dimensional relationship with good for nothing men.

All for belongingness.

But what these women do not cotton on is that belongingness eases with association that are formed depending on the items to be associated.

Meaning the concept of belongingness has a root of your choice. You want belongingness from those you consider to be subjectively important.

A perfect instance is classical conditioning in which some conditioned stimulus-unconditioned stimulus combinations are more effective than others.

So what do I mean?

Loneliness is a state.

A state of your choice.

It means you can get out of it.

It means you can get out of it by choice.

It means you can get out of it if you want to.

How can you be lonely when you have’nt experience AGAPE? Yet...

Maybe you have been listening to much of stephen bishop.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

four loves

This is one of the things that I have read during my semestral break it is actually an overview of the book Four Loves by CS Lewis.

I have just read the overview since I do not have the money…yet, to buy the book.

This concept presents the four types/division of Love. Its starts with AFFECTION.

Affection teaches us first to notice, then to endure, then to smile at, then to enjoy and finally to appreciate the people who just 'happen to be there'.

This range of people is odder than you would have believed and worth more than you would have guessed.

Of all the loves Affection is the easiest to give as it requires only the continued presence of the person or object over time.

We can have Affection for those with whom, over the years, we still do not agree and is broadest in scope as it attaches itself as a bond between the young, old, fair, homely, rich, poor, intelligent and simple.

Affection does not seek reliance, but rather "space", or room, for differences to reside and cooperate in a cohesive, peaceful, cooperative manner.
Affection should be kept in balance in terms of Reasoning, Justice & Decency.

Reasoning-to know when you are effecting good or bad towards others.
Justice- to give and receive somewhat equally.
Decency-to practice affection with patience, self-denial, humility, and dependence on another, higher lover. (Agape love.)

Affection (and/or Friendship, Eros love) will go bad on us if we apply them alone without the application of that Godly love which provides the base and fills the holes that the more natural loves fall short in.

The second type is FRIENDSHIP.

What is the differences between Friends and Lovers?

-Lovers... often speak of their love for each other to one another.
-Friends... rarely speak of the friendship to one another, instead tend to accept it as a "given" and operate in it when together.

-Lovers... often speak both physically and in mental perception face-to-face, absorbed in each other.
-Friends... side-by-side, absorbed in some common interest, goal or philosophy.

Eros love is (healthily) between two, and only two. Friendship can increase in its enjoyment by the addition of two, three or more so long as the interest, goal or philosophy is somewhat the same as a common bond.

Friendship is born from "companionship", the discovery of common interest between acquaintances.

Companionship/acquaintances are not necessarily Friendships.

Lovers seek for privacy.

Friends pull from the herd in becoming friends but would appreciate a 3rd, 4th or 5th party on the same terms.

Unity among friends is inward, unity among companions/acquaintances is outward.

Friendship makes use of information only as it is needed, casually. Friendship does not have prerequisites of attraction, class, marital status, age, etc.

Third is EROS LOVE.

Eros love includes sexuality, but sexuality is NOT, in itself, Eros love.

Sexual desire, without Eros love, wants only sex.

Eros wants, during sex, the intimacy of the beloved.

A lustful man does not "want a woman"; a woman is merely to him a necessary apparatus to fulfill his desires.

Eros love moves between serious episodes of romance and lighthearted escapades of play. It is not all one or the other, but both.

Eros love is a shadow of, or even a hands-on preparatory exercise in, Agape love.

But it is not and cannot deliver of itself the selfless type of love found in Agape, Godly love. It is

God's Spirit living and working within us which makes Agape love possible in our lives.

Lastly we have AGAPE/GODLY LOVE.

Affection, Friendship and Eros find their fullness of glory only when submitted to Charity. "This does not make them bad, for being less.

A garden is a good thing but will only be different from a wilderness if it is pruned, mowed and weeded. Even so, these loves need the care of Charity love in order to be kept in their proper perspective, produce good fruit and remain sweet.

"As a man and a garden will not survive without rain and sunshine, even these loves can only grow well, if at all, in a man's heart when God's Charitable, selfless love is allowed to enter, bless, and work the garden's promise and the gardener's toil into a fruitful enterprise.

"Love's proper place is to God himself. To love at all involves risk of heartache, but far better this than to lock up our hearts in a coffin where they grow cold and hard, irredeemable. We trust it is God's wisdom to prune, and not to destroy, that which He planted in our hearts and therefore we embrace the learning of His love."

"If any man come after me and hate not his father and mother and wife and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." To hate, in this sense, is to set ourselves against anything, any other love even, that would try to position itself higher than God's type of love or love for God. To obey

God, rather than our nearest and dearest friends, family or lover may indeed be perceived by them as hateful.

When two agree, as in man and wife, to place Charity above the other loves then they need not oppose each other's obedience to God's love.

Divine love, Charity, desires what is best for the beloved. God loves us who are unlovable, not attractive to God in the least, it was He who first loved us.

In Eros, to love man or woman more, or disproportionately, than God will require surrender before the true fullness of Eros can be realized.

We need not throw away silver to make room for gold... we need merely to acknowledge the gold as far superior to the silver and hold it over anything else.

In even the smallest daily acts (a game, a joke, a chat, a dinner..) we can exercise either the love that is in need or the love that gives.

Same for Eros love.

Give and it will be given to you.

"To him that has more shall be given, to him that has not, even what little he has shall be taken from him."

The first 3 loves are capable among men to some degree. Charity is purely of God. "The natural loves are called to become perfect Charity and also perfect natural loves.

As God becomes man, not by conversion of the Godhead into flesh, but by taking of the Manhood into God, so here; Charity does not dwindle into merely natural love; but natural love is taken up into, made the tuned and obedient instrument of, Love Himself."

*thank you to


Fall Out Boy's album From Under the Cork Tree is an over load of sarcasm, wronged romance, and hardcore-derived passion.

A friend of mine had given me a copy of their CD after I practically freaked out upon hearing it first in my sisters discman.

How do I find it?

When you listen to them as though you get the impression that most of the songs themselves are rushed by little blurs of caffeinated misery, rousing enough (and clever enough) to help skeptics understand why emo hasn't gone away…yet.

I first heard the single "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and as stated from the lyrics it is but another break-up song in which the band's lyricist (and bassist) Pete Wentz proves he's not above pettiness: "I'm just a notch in your bedpost/ But you're just a line in
a song."

It sounds mean but I must admit it was well thought of.

In fact for me it is a practiced contemporary dramatic poetry (if there is such a thing).

From Under the Cork Tree burns through it's fair share of melodramatic tunes that briefly expose the anguish.

All of this isn't to say that the pop hooks that caused Fall Out Boy's lightning fast infusion aren't present.

Fall Out Boy experienced a pretty big change (from their first album), but who wants to hear the same album twice?

Bandwagon fans will probably hate the musical growth that makes From Under the Cork Tree so special but those who appreciate will understand exactly where Wentz and the rest of the gang are coming from.

Maybe "Of All the Gin Joints In All the World" says it best: “You only hold me up like this / 'Cause you don't know who I really am."

a grief observed

I have just finished reading 'The Grief Observed' by CS Lewis. For most people they would assume that I would be giving praises again to my favorite author.


What I want to share this time is the reason why I liked him (Lewis) so much.

I do not know him personally (sayang!, kasi kahit buhay siya di ko naman siya makikilala) but what I liked about him through grief observe is that there isn't the slightest hint of fakery in him.

When you read his words, as though you are reading his heart.

This is most true in this book.

I have read in the introduction that these "jottings" were made in Lewis's private journals after the death of his wife, Joy, who suffered from cancer. They weren't intended for publication when written, but Jack (Lewis) later decided that they might help someone else who might be going through a similar experience as he.

What I saw in the novel was Lewis is like Jacob, wrestling with God.

It is not always an agreeable sight to behold, and yet we cannot take our eyes

off it.

He bites, scratches and yells at God (at the top of his lungs) then falls back in a draggin mass of quivering flesh.

But like Jacob Lewis will not turn loose until God blesses him. And ultimately God does bless him - and us through him.

There are too many profound passages to quote (as always).

And personally I don't really want to quote everything.

It would be like uncovering a secret. A mighty secret.

Lewis honesty sometimes borders on discomfort.

The first sentence of the book amazes me for I have felt exactly the same though in a different circumstance. "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear."

Lewis describes his mourning in terms so eloquent, and yet, when I read them, so real.

In speaking about the memory of his wife showing up at particular times and in particular places, He would say no. "Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything."

He speaks of how her face is becoming blurred in his memory, while her voice is still vivid.
"The remembered voice - that can turn me at any moment to a whimpering child."

Lewis eventually finds his way through the terrifying maze of grief and finds that the God he was wrestling with was holding him in His arms all the time. "God has not been trying an experiment on my faith or love in order to find out their quality. He knew it already. It was I who didn't."

The thing that was impressed to me is that our concept of how things "should to be" are illusions of the truth that really is.

God, through the natural process of death and grieving shatters our illusions and causes us to come face to face with truth.

This is often extraordinarily painful. Says Lewis, "My idea of God is not a divine idea. It has to be shattered time after time. He shatters it Himself. He is the great iconoclast. Could we not almost say that this shattering is one of the marks of His presence?"

I liked the book.

Thank you Chuck.

meat anyone?

Today I have discovered one thing.
I have stumbled a scary, daunting and dreadful truth.
There are women in this country who wear belly shirts.

For some people this is not shocking, because primarily I did not clarify the area where the words
scary, daunting and dreadful apply.

Most women who wears this, this…clothing (if we can classify it as one) are those with
bulging, stuffed and distended tummy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to practically make fun of these people, but I want to point out five major arguments (allow me to call it an argument since I define the word ‘argument’ as a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true). Allow me to begin-

1. Why do women where clothing that are at some point ‘too small’ for them.
The blouses seemed to be converting into their second skin?
I can clearly understand that they might have the goal of slowly cutting their blood circulation, but what confuses me is the idea that you can only do this to ‘a part’ and NOT your entire body.
2. Who invented/designed ‘belly shirts’?
I think one should apply for a license to be able to wear one or perhaps even a screening unto who should wear them?
Actually, why not just consider belly shirts illegal? What’s the point of wearing a shirt if your navel is showing?
I mean the last time I checked shirts are supposedly comfortable, if belly shirts are an innovation of T-shirts…
I must say that the original would always be the best.
3. What’s with the ‘haltered tops ala bra strap’?
Woman! You are wearing a haltered top, please wear the appropriate undergarment!
Better yet make halters illegal!
4. Do women know the meaning of ‘under wear’?
It’s a combination of two words which if analyzed means clothing that is intended to be worn under.
If it is simple then why do most women in this generation wear a black bra under a white blouse?
A colorful, if not floral T-back (for heaven’s sake!) under a white, stretchable pants?
What’s the motivating factor?
Really, what is the motivating factor?

5. Do women know the meaning of clothing discipline or is it a foreign idea?
Why wear a plunging blouse, where as your mammary gland is about to make it's public debut and strut the mall?
The point that I want to raise is simple.


You are a creature of intelligence, value and honor.
Do not make a superficial trend defy the totality of your existence.
Psalm 139:14 stated how we are made (fearfully and wonderfully).
Please do not let the manifestation prove other wise.

Initially I truly do not believe in the concept of you are what you wear, but in this instance I think I will make an exemption.

Woman! You are more than just a piece of meat!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

from mere christianity to miracles

What is a miracle ?
'an event in the external world brought about by the immediate agency or the simple volition of God, operating without the use of means capable of being discerned by the senses, and designed to authenticate the divine commission of a religious teacher and the truth of his message' (John 2:18; Matt. 12:38)
I have read the book Miracles by C.S. Lewis and i was really (again) taken aback by his intelligence. Not only is he good in explaining abstract concerns but he execute it precisely. His book Miracles delves into a structured and analytical argument for the reality of miracles.

It is a book with philosophical arguments, tough conceptual and logical support for each step in the and most of all a clear progression of ideas from the generalized to the specific.
He concentrated on the question of whether miracles are possible simply on a theoretical or conceptual basis.
Then he scrutinize how they could be possible on that same basis, and finally progresses on to addressing the miracles of Christianity - Christ's resurrection, and what Lewis categorizes as the "miracles of the Old Creation" and the "miracles of the New Creation."
This book is a really deep (and I mean deep), well thought-out, and has a precise analysis and argument about miracles.

If I would be asked if the is book accessible to a wide audience and easy to read? No, it is not. Honestly, I struggled to finish this book. Thank God that I have been compelled to read it by its analytical enigma. Then you may ask 'Why?'
One honest answer would be because the book takes a deliberate effort to read and digest.
Where Mere Christianity presented the basic creed of Christianity on a strong foundation of reason and logic, Miracles goes much further in its firmness and depth from the beginning to end.
You really have to deliberately take the time and energy to carefully read what's being said and to digest and really understand each progression in the argument.
This book would feel right at home on the "Philosophy" shelf in the bookstore or library.
Is the book worthwhile? I have struggled and I have finished it, and the answer would be YES.

long jeepney rides

Cheryl and I went to PCU this afternoon to talk to her teacher in Public Relations.
I am not going to tell you in full detail what we did in that University because Cheryl might kill me, instead let us talk about my big time realization brought about by the even.
I just thought that I should write it since THIS IS MY BLOG…
1. having a spiritual family really rocks.

2. long jeepney rides promotes subterranean thinking

3. its nice to feel helpless at times (then you get to be dependent on God)

4. being humble is different from being self-effacing

5. there is a sovereign will

6. spiritual maturity may take you by surprise

7. compassion is unconditional

8. obeying is far more better than combating

9. obedience is a hard task but somebody has to do it

10.i have been in love with God and my girls for the longest time

*by the way chocolate ice cream still works when you’re depressed and masagana has a good collection of peasant skirts…